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So this website and tool was brought to my attention recently and I’m not one for re-inventing the wheel!  If you are moderating and were looking for an online alcohol drinks journal then here you go!

Download Help4Addiction’s Online Alcohol Journal.

If you’re unsure how many units of alcohol you’re consuming, the Journal will eliminate the guess work.

Read our guide to learn more information on the alcoholic unit.

Help4Addiction’s Online Alcohol Journal

Help 4 Addiction is a professional addiction referral agent referring patients into drug and alcohol rehab centres throughout the United Kingdom.

At Help 4 Addiction we have over 30 years combined experience working in the fields of Addiction, Counselling, Stress, Anxiety and Rehabilitation.  We offer an independent addiction service throughout the UK.  We are dedicated to providing you with all the relevant information and treatment options for a wide range of addictions, including; alcohol addiction, drug addiction and gambling addictions. We understand mental wellbeing can play a huge part in an addicts life, including; depression, anxiety and stress, our aim is to help you find the support you need to target the cause of your addiction and overcome it.

We have strong relationships with clinics and specialists around the world enabling Help 4 Addiction to provide a comprehensive and successfully proven service.

The team includes:

  • Psychotherapists
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapists
  • Counselors and Consultant Psychiatrists

We understand how important a friendly and non-judgemental voice can be to help you and your family on the road to recovery. 

Many members of our team have had a personal relationship with addiction and / or mental wellbeing; they have a wealth of knowledge regarding addiction and the recovery process.

Our team is here to Help, Support and Advise you, if you are or have already considered sobriety you have already take the first step to recovery.  Why not take the next step to a brighter future, contact our team today on 0330 088 9518.

Their website has lots of other nifty resources too.  They are affiliated with lots of insurance organisations too including: Standard Life, BUPA, Aviva, Axa, Cigna, Zurich and Prudential.  I suspect the website is new or has been newly launched as it says their Twitter feed is coming soon.

Edited to add 20th May 2016:

New free online tools are popping up all the time too – like this one

New brain-training tool to help people cut drinking

An internationally-renowned LSE expert on happiness and behaviour has launched a free online tool to help people who want to cut down on alcohol | LSE, UK

Drink Less: Get help reducing the amount of alcohol you consume – free app

Are you looking to cut down how much you drink? If so, we can help. Drink Less is a super-easy to use app that allows you to keep track of how much you drink, set goals to drink less, get feedback on whether what you’re doing is working and access some unique and fun ways of changing your attitude towards alcohol |  Susan Michie, UK

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Drinks Journal

  1. I did the “keeping a journal” thing for a while, as a serious moderation attempt. And it did work for a bit – the act of writing it all down makes you cut down. But then, after a few weeks, my journal got shoved to the back of a drawer and forgotten, and my drinking drifted back to earlier habits in no time. FWIW, I believe if you’ve been drinking in that high risk category for years and years, then keeping a journal for a few weeks is not going to change your habits permanently. That’s not how addiction works, and until we recognise the problem for what it is – namely an addiction rather than a “bad habit” – then any gimmick like this is doomed to fail.

    1. Hey MTM 🙂 I agree but it was a necessary part of both of our journeys to figure out that actually we couldn’t moderate! As you say it won’t change the habit but writing it down might remove the denial that a person can control their drinking for more than a few days, weeks or months. I had to go through this step to realise that actually stopping was the solution not the failed attempts at controlled drinking.

      1. Yes – that is so true. It’s why the simple act of writing it down changes the action immediately – so much harder to drink in denial when you have the stake truth written down in black and white. And yes, the fact that I tried it and it didn’t work (for more than a few weeks) helped me to see the truth of my own situation once I was prepared to look at it, albeit some years later! I suspect, though, that if you need a tool like this to manage your drinking, then you already have a problem.

      2. I agree MTM – and using this kind of tool will either right your drinking or solidify the knowledge that you might have a problem and need some help 😉

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