Week 6 of sugar free for Lent!

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Weds – well in the words of my Dutch friend feeling – this is NEW! 😉  Went shopping at Aldi and rather than urges for sugar and chocolate I had a craving for …… southern fried chicken.  What the hell is that about?  So that’s what I had for tea – a home cooked KFC.  Made more flapjacks – ate more flapjacks and powerballs.  Two weeks to go tomorrow – not that I’m counting it down or anything …… 😀

Thurs – I’m noticing that I’m not very good at feeding myself when it’s just me.  Breakfast and dinner with the kids and family no problem – but lunch I am TERRIBLE at eating properly.  I’ll snack – on savoury stuff currently, but I suspect it used to be sweet.  I have to REALLY make myself cook something for myself.  Is it laziness or do I think I’m not worth feeding …….  Ate more flapjacks and powerballs.  Have cut the flapjacks up smaller to make them last longer but then I just eat twice as many!!

Fri – no feeding myself proper lunch again!  Savoury snacking continues and found myself eating almost a whole large bag of prawn crackers with my AF beer prior to dinner this evening.  More flapjacks and powerballs – will there be one day of this whole Lent where I don’t eat them!? 😀

Sat – made new batch of powerballs as was feeling twitchy at the idea of having no way to indulge in some form of cocoa!  I know it’s a psychological thing but it doesn’t stop me feeling it anyway …. Flapjacks and powerball snacks galore but that’s okay it’s not processed sugar and so on I go.

Sun – had Club Soda social and 2 of us present were sugar free-ing it so made it easy to avoid sugar although am finding that it’s absence doesn’t bother me quite so much as long as I have an alternative available to have as a treat.  I was saying  that my taste buds are much more accustomed to savoury choices now, which was always my preference as a drinker – what with all that sugar in wine!  It’s weird how so many of us go from being savoury snack drinkers to sweet snack non-drinkers and then struggle to find an equilibrium.  I’ve learned a lot through this process.

Mon – volunteering day and flapjacks taken in with me as my sweet treat.  Watched that show ‘The Truth about Sugar’ on BBC1 and was happy to hear that fruit is not included in the recommended 6g of sugar a day that the WHO recommend.  Time to eat more fruit then! 😉

Tues – edited to add: oops sugar free has fallen off my radar sufficiently that I forgot to add how yesterday went.  I was busy during the day and didn’t feed myself lunch properly (again) so in the middle of a supermarket doing the shopping came over all hungry.  Headed straight for the bags of nuts and fruit without a further thought – progress!  Didn’t eat any flapjacks either – though I may have had a powerball but the amount is definitely decreasing ……

Maybe I’ll get comfortable and just about crack it in time to be able to go back to eating it – or will I go back to eating it? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Week 6 of sugar free for Lent!

  1. This North Carolina girls loves some fried chicken 😀 I was a savory snacker, too, before I quit drinking. I was not prepared for the sugar cravings that came over me! xx

  2. I still on my crackers!
    My husband keeps buying “family size” box just for me! LOL
    I too am terrible at feeding myself. In fact, I will be writing a post about it later this week!
    I have to work on my self-care!

    1. I need to read your post and learn from you too Wendy! We can both improve our self-care together 🙂

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