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Students offered alcohol-free flats at St Andrews University

From the BBC News website – more good news from sensible Scotland!  Students are to be offered alcohol free flats at St Andrews University in Fife.

Students who want to live in alcohol-free accommodation are being given the chance at St Andrews University.

It has been introduced to cater for students with religious beliefs or medical conditions that do not allow drinking.

The move from the Fife institution is thought to be the first time alcohol-free student accommodation has been offered in Scotland.

It will be offered at David Russell Apartments in Fife Park from September.

The flats each hold between four to six people.

Students will be asked to tick a box on their accommodation forms giving them the option.

Pat Mathewson, St Andrews Students’ Association, said: “Our residential services have decided they will offer a small section and then see what the uptake is like.

“We’re always in favour of anything that will make our students more comfortable.

“By no means are any students going to be forced into student accommodation they haven’t asked for.”

A St Andrews University spokeswoman said: “The University of St Andrews is committed to creating a safe, healthy, and inclusive campus experience for all of our students.

“We know that not all students drink alcohol.

“What’s more, we believe student learning lasts a lifetime, so reinforcing positive behaviours during this period of development can have a lasting influence.”

She added: “We’re proud that our Students’ Association is working to shape new attitudes towards responsible alcohol consumption and making our student experience more inclusive. We want our students to think about their lifestyle choices, and to support the choices of others.”

Fantastic news for those who want to avoid booze for whatever reason 🙂

Edited to add: so I’m just back from a run and it’s gloriously sunny and this track spins round in my mp3 player.  So I LOVE this tune – takes me right back to Glastonbury (yes the old me – too much drugs and drink!) but the new me (reminiscing about running the London Marathon which is on Sunday) thinks lets set up a sober Friday jukebox.  I know my blog can be serious and heavy at times so lets lighten it up a bit and who knows maybe we can grow a big ole sober play list for all us runners, and non runners too!  Who doesn’t need more music in their life?  😉  What dya think?  What tunes would you include?

Here goes track one:

And the lyrics are so BLOODY appropriate too!!

I kicked the habit
Shed my skin
This is the new stuff
I go dancing in
Oh won’t you show for me
I will show for you
Show for me, I will show for you


Edited 23/09/15:

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