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Brené Brown: 3 Things You Can Do to Stop a Shame Spiral

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It’s been a while since I featured any Brene Brown and her work is so integral to the drinking and recovery journey that I thought it was long over due so you’re getting a double dose today and tomorrow! If you haven’t read my post on drinking guilt and its big brother shame you can do that here.  It continues to be my most read post even though I wrote it 14 months ago so thank you! 🙂

Brene on Oprah – there are LOTS more clips on Youtube and every time I disappear into that rabbit hole I’m gone for hours and you could be too!  Go look 🙂

The take-aways from this clip on how to stop a shame spiral:

  1. Know your shame triggers and reality check them
  2. Talk to yourself like you talk to someone you love
  3. Reach out to someone you trust
  4. Tell your story

If shame is still a huge gremlin for you then I can really recommend reading Brene’s books or watching her interviews on Youtube or now even better – she also has a course on Udemy!!  I was so delighted to be told about this course by NoMoreSally and it is on my wish list for my next sober treat.  So Brene and I are fellow Udemy instructors 😉 LOL lets face it that’s the closest I’m going to get 😀

So if you would like to do some more work on healing your shame then go here:


And tomorrow we do blame, something that is still very much a work in progress for me ……