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Friday sober jukebox

So remembered to put a coin in the sober jukebox today 😉


Was out running and this came round in the shuffle – another ace tune and a great video to boot! 🙂

Friday’s were such a tricky day in the early days.  That old pre-programmed TFI Friday feeling that was joined at the hip with booze and lots of it.  Demob happy – drink till you fall over mentality.  Gotta get buzzed.  Gotta get high right?

And I felt I had a reason to do this – my life felt sh*t so I needed the release of booze.  Or so I thought and told myself.  How could I not celebrate the end of the working week without booze?  But here’s the thing.  It was booze that was making my life feel sh*t.  Yes really!  My life seemed sh*t because I was skint (from buying to much booze) or overweight (from drinking too much booze & eating crap while drunk or hungover) or feeling unwell most of the time (constant hangover anyone?).  Depressed, anxious, hated my job – none of these things in reality were helped by my drinking.  It made all of them worse not better.

Without wishing to sound like one of those old hippies I’m high on life now.  Don’t need no booze to distort what I feel and make my life feel sh*t.  Sure yes booze could bring a small window of feeling great and then I’d keep drinking to chase that feeling until I was drunk and then the following day would be payback time.  The crushing hangover, the regret.   And sometimes drinking didn’t bring that elusive feeling I was seeking – it was hit and miss.  I’d get the payback but no high – just the blurring of the edges for a bit.  Why would I miss that?

Now I feel good most of the time.  Sure life has its ups and downs and I still get ill but most of the time I’m not chasing a high.  I’m happy with what I have so don’t feel the urge to get out of or off my head.  You should try it for a bit and see how it feels – could change your life? 😉

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Nine in 10 want action to protect young from alcohol

This was covered by ITV in March:


Nine out of ten people in the North West want the government to do more to protect young people from alcohol that’s according to a survey by Drink Wise. The findings will be presented at Downing Street today by the South Manchester Liberal Democrat MP John Leech and Drink Wise director Hazel Parsons.

2550 people across the region were interviewed.

· 89% of respondents said the government needed to do more to protect young people from alcohol

· 88% of respondents said the government needed to restrict alcohol marketing to young people

The research from Drink Wise’s highlights a high level of public concern about the effects of alcohol on children. I call on the government to look again at the effectiveness of their strategies for tackling these problems.

– South Manchester Liberal Democrat MP John Leech MP

Today is all about making it clear to the Government the grave and growing concerns we have about children’s exposure to alcohol, and the fact that these concerns are shared by the vast majority of the people we spoke to in the North West. Our research shows two million children are harmed by someone else’s drinking, and 15 children a day are being hospitalised because of alcohol – hundreds of those as young as 11. It’s time for the government to look again at alcohol, and wake up to the scale of this problem. It urgently needs to look seriously at restricting alcohol marketing – and end the pocket money pricing of alcohol.

– Director of Drink Wise Hazel Parsons
You can count me in that 9 out of 10 for sure – I desperately want things to be different when my kids are old enough to drink in 10 years time.  I’d like it to start now too as the alcohol marketing on social media is already far-reaching and if not tackled will extend its reach with The Mirror covering this subject in February too.  They reported that:

Half of children surveyed associated Carlsberg with the English football team, while 93% of kids recognised the Foster’s brand

Primary school children as young as 10 are more familiar with beer brands than leading brands of biscuits, crisps and ice cream, according to a study.

The survey, conducted by Alcohol Concern and other campaigning groups, asked English and Scottish children about their recognition of alcohol brands, alcohol sponsorship, TV and social media use and whether they had tried alcohol.

Brand recognition of Foster’s lager was particularly high at 93%, ranking above McVitie’s biscuits, McCoy’s crisps and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Half of the children associated their favourite football teams and tournaments with the beer brands they are sponsored by, with 1 in 2 children associating Carlsberg beer with the English national football team.

In Scotland, 60% of boys correctly associated Carling beer with the Scottish national football team – its official sponsor until 2014.

Worryingly, the study also found that children who use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter had greater recall of alcohol brands – and were more likely to have consumed alcohol themselves.

“Children get bombarded with pro-drinking messages, when they turn on the TV, go to the cinema or walk down the road, and the existing codes are failing to protect them.”