A Royal Hangover Documentary Film Review

So last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the press/industry screening of A Royal Hangover.  I met Arthur Cauty, Director and Gabrielle Weller, Producer for the second time and their whole crew were there including Silver Levy-So, their Associate Producer.  I also met Lucy Rocca, founder of Soberistas, which was a lovely bonus surprise! 🙂

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – this is a spectacularly exceptional film, an unflinching documentary and review of the British love affair with booze .  It is sad, poignant and brave.  In fact even writing that doesn’t do it justice.  As a nurse who has cared for alcoholic liver disease patients and as a public health nurse for me it is perfect and looks at all the key facets of the complex social issue of alcohol abuse and dependence.

A Royal Hangover
A Royal Hangover

Documenting anecdotes from all facets of the British booze bottle, from politicians to police; medical specialists to charities; the church through to history and science; addicts and celebrities; with high profile personalities such as Russell Brand and controversial figures such as sacked Government Drugs Advisor Professor David Nutt, A Royal Hangover underscores the why behind our increasing thirst for the booze.    Why are things so different in Britain?  What sets us apart from our brothers and sisters in Europe, or our cousins across the pond?  Are we aware of the extent of our problems?  Who or what is responsible for this degenerative culture?  Are we too drunk to even care?  A Royal Hangover is an increasingly relevant  portrait of a nation and it’s love of the booze.  Critically acclaimed independent filmaker and accomplished non-drinker, Arthur Cauty, serves up a  documentary mocktail, in equal parts shocking, hilarious, sympathetic and thought provoking, a film we can all relate to.  Bottoms up Brits and cheers to alcohol education.  Hopefully one day Britain will wake up without a hangover.

When asked the question ‘what message do you hope the audience will take away from the film?’ Arthur answered:

I hope A Royal Hangover will help people all  over the World to better understand the harms of alcohol, and for the UK especially to start to develop a healthier and more logical attitude to alcohol as well as other drugs.  I know this is not a problem indigenous to the UK, but I do feel that alcohol is more ingrained in British culture, compared to many other countries.  To not drink in Britain, is to be ridiculed.

Peer pressure is such a huge factor when it comes to alcohol, especially for young people.  If more people like myself – whether that be parent, brothers, sisters, friends, or people in the public eye like Russell Brand – actually felt comfortable about standing up and saying ‘I don’t drink’, this would encourage so many others to feel ok about doing the same.

If this film manages to help any number of people to think about how they, as well as the people around them, use alcohol, I’ll feel like I’ve done my job.

When asked what he would be doing next Arthur answered:

Trying not to get assassinated by the drinks industry.

The thing is in the UK the drinks industry didn’t need to assassinate Arthur – they used a silencer on the film instead.  He and I will be talking about this further and it is a critically important part of the story of this film.  He who pays the barman does indeed call the shots it would seem ……..

Gabrielle did let us know that the film should be available on iTunes, Amazon on Demand and Google Play in the very near future and the minute it’s out I’ll let you know 🙂

Edited to add:  Just had word from Arthur that it is available on iTunes from TODAY!!

Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/movie/a-royal-hangover/id995292478

Go watch it people – it’s FAB!! 😀

16 thoughts on “A Royal Hangover Documentary Film Review

  1. Wow, impressive. What does ‘they used a silencer on the film instead’ mean?
    xx, Feeling

    1. It’s a euphemism feeling meaning that they blocked it being screened more widely by applying influence on various channels 🙁

  2. “Trying not to get assassinated by the drinks industry” sounds like a legitimate goal 🙂 It must have been exciting getting to met the filmmakers, and Lucy too! xx

    1. HUGE congrats Lori for 1 year today!!! *waves sober pom poms* It was exciting but not as exciting as you making 1 year 😉 Hugs across the pond xx

  3. Hi Lucy, Thanks for the review-would love any info on where i might catch a screening or as you said it will be available on iTunes. BoP (aka WobblyBird)

    1. Hey BoP (aka WobblyBird) Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! Between you posting your initial comment and my replying it’s been made available as you know 🙂

  4. How lucky are you! You’ll be at Cannes next. I would love to meet Lucy too, I feel like I know her already. Looking forward to our catch up. In the meantime I’m going to have some me time tomorrow (my day off) and download that film from iTunes…

    1. Hey lovely! Cannes – I wish 😉 It was a lovely surprise to meet Lucy too 🙂 Have a lovely day off tomorrow and enjoy the film – we can have a good old chat about it in a few weeks xx

  5. Hi Lucy, I found this on iTunes but am getting a bit paranoid!! I was asked 5 times if I really wanted to buy this film-that has never happened before!! Anyway am now downloading with an estimated half hour download time. Again never happened before. Do you think they are trying to stop people watching or is it just me being paranoid!!?? BoP (aka WobblyBird)

    1. It’s only just been made available BoP so that may be why you’re getting additional questions and a slow download time. If it continues let me know and I’ll let Arthur know so they can speak to Apple. I don’t think they’re trying to stop people watching it WobblyBird so stick with it I would say 🙂

    1. No not really Wendy – just a gobby sh*te (mouthy broad!) 😉 It’s awesome xx

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