Friday Sober Jukebox

So I’ve been doing the Headspace meditation pack on creativity and it uses a visualisation where you imagine yourself being filled with a creative spark represented by a bright open light radiating from your heart outwards exponentially.  I see this as sunshine like … which reminds me of a Chemical Brothers tune for another sober jukebox moment 😉


And I was out for a run when this tune came on ……

and I swear during the opening guitar riff of Aerodynamic I could feel that warmth and light bursting out of my chest.  It was the most uplifting heart-bursting feeling I have ever had.  The sun was beating down on me, the sky was blue and my pace was synchronised with the beat of the track.  It was a Saturday morning I was clear-headed and out running and life was perfect.  I really felt like I was in the flow of the moment and it was pure bliss.  Who needs booze?!

Maybe listening to and watching this will take you to a similar feeling or place?  Daft Punk remain on my bucket list of those I’ve not yet managed to see live but maybe that’s because I’m supposed to see them sober? ;

3 thoughts on “Friday Sober Jukebox

  1. Dear Lucy,
    My implant does not let me “hear” music anymore.
    It is all noise now.
    BUT I can eat donuts!
    Today was National Donut Day in the US!
    How cool is that?

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