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Measuring Addiction Recovery

Following on from the William White presentation on Experiencing Recovery there is new research being collected and collated here in the UK pertaining to the recovery experience! ūüôā


This questionnaire is part of a larger research project that is being conducted by researchers from King’s College London, with the support of service users. The aim of the study is to produce a new tool for measuring recovery from addiction. This tool will only measure aspects of recovery that service users themselves think are important.

Measuring addiction recovery: development of a new tool for service users – survey

To complete the survey use the above link.¬† I’m completing it as if we want a clearer picture of how recovery is for us then this is an ideal platform for our voice to be heard in the research space.¬† They take a few personal details as part of it to enable them to follow up the research in 3 months time but otherwise it’s non identifying and will be presented anonymously when the research is published.

You can complete if if you live outside the UK too and for the question about being in drug and alcohol treatment I just put NA as in not applicable ūüôā

Plus there is not one but two survey’s running presently it would seem as Paul over at The Alcoholics Guide to Alcoholism also shared a survey which is here:

If you live in the UK, are in recovery and have 20 minutes to fill in this very worthwhile survey you can make a difference to how we, as a society, perceive recovery and help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction at the same time.

The survey will be open until the 30th June 2015.

The first ever survey in the UK into Life in Recovery is in process Рplease click this link and contribute if you can?


Edited to add: Paul tells me that they are one and the same so you only need to log onto one of them to complete!!