More ‘How to Quit’ workshop dates in collaboration with Club Soda!

Back in May I ran my first ‘How to Quit’ Workshop in partnership with Club Soda.
It was a huge success and if you want to see how some of those who attended are getting on with their new hangover free lives you can do so here 🙂Club Soda image
We are running 3 more dates in 2015:

Saturday 4th July

Saturday 26th September

Saturday 14th November

11am – 5pm
Kingly Court, 49 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9PY

Here is some of the feedback received:

Just to say thank you SO much for today. Meeting you and Laura was life changing. I’ve just got home from a house party and drank only tonic water and cordial! Very proud and pleased to start my new alcohol free life!

Thank you so much for the workshop it was really fantastic.  It was lovely to spend time with people who understand and not feel abnormal.   I learnt so much and found your story truly inspiring.  I have done a lot of reading and the Allen Carr workshop but yours was really the best for me.  It has given me the boost I needed to carry on with my choice not to drink.  I know I have given up 3 times before and started drinking again but I really hope I have cracked it this time.  She’s now over 100 days hangover free 🙂

I attended your workshop on Saturday and found it very helpful. My goal at the beginning of the day was to cut out drinking completely during weekdays, but I have decided to take a complete break . The “drinkaware” cup which you showed the group was, for me, a key visualisation : the “safe” amount is really very small, and represents barely the beginning of an evening for me and something I have previously paid absolutely no regard to whatsoever.  I have to get to grips with why I want to numb the edge of my day. Drinking wine is definitely not the answer, and although it remains to be seen how quickly I can dismiss it completely, I feel so much better equipped than before to try. Your own story, your professional perspective as a medic and the resources you provided were very helpful, as is learning how many other people share my concerns about the disproportionate and totally undeserved role alcohol plays in so many people’s lives.  Thanks again, and I will let you know how I get on.

My aim was to get the motivation to stop drinking completely (which I have tried doing a number of times) and then pick up tips to help me remain sober.  The day did this and I have not had an alcoholic drink since Saturday evening.  In addition to this I found the following really useful…

  • Hearing other people’s perspectives and that they were in a similar boat.
  • Hearing from non-drinkers that life was “infinitely better” without alcohol.
  • Hearing how I might feel over the next few weeks, months and years.  It is so much better to be prepared.
  • Hearing how non-drinkers dealt with feeling tired and unwell eg just going to bed.
  • Hearing about non-alcoholic beers and wine.

If you’d like to join us you can register for a place here: or click this image to the right of this blog post 🙂

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