Daily Archives: 26/06/2015

A ReThink of the Way we Drink

Thanks to Laura at Club Soda who sent this over to me 🙂  It’s an informational video on Youtube created by a doctor in Canada called Mike Evans who uses the whiteboard art approach to illustrate the facts to encourage us to rethink the way we drink.

rethink drink

It is designed for the American market, even though he’s a Canadian, so the drink guidelines and measures are for the US.  If you need a reminder of the UK drinking guidelines you can find them here.

I like this video because he uses the iceberg metaphor that I very recently used myself here 😉  I like this metaphor because it is so appropriate for drinking and its impact on our health and physical body.  Although we may look and feel okay on the outside things may not be as they appear when we look beneath the surface.  That’s the thing with booze – because it is mainly processed by the liver which has no nerve fibres we don’t know there is a problem until it is too late.  The damage is not visible or felt as it is happening, that is apart from the hangover which is the bodies response to being poisoned ………

He also talks clearly about the mixed messages we get about alcohol and how that effects our behaviour around change and drinking.  It is a clear encouragement to step back from the marketing image created around booze and to listen to yourself and reflect on whether you need to rethink the way you drink.  Whether this means cutting down or stopping completely, as it did for me, I don’t think you’ll ever regret taking a breath and pausing to think about what you are doing before you pour that next glass 🙂  What do  you think?

PS Today I’ve been invited on a sober retreat for the week-end with a group of ladies from the lovely SWAN group on FB so I won’t be about to reply to comments until Sunday evening.  I’ll let the sober jukebox run tomorrow and I’ll see you all in a few days time! 🙂