Drink responsibly (but please keep drinking)

Once again an excellent piece of work by Alcohol Concern lifts the veil on the mixed messages of the alcohol industry.

Less of this

‘The drinks industry, supermarkets, pubs and
clubs need to work with government so that
responsible drinking becomes a reality and not
just a slogan’ Prime Minister David Cameron
New research from Alcohol Concern suggests ‘drink responsibly’ messages appearing in alcohol adverts are being used by the alcohol industry to promote their brands rather than to help consumers make sensible choices about their drinking. The study found that, overall, less than half of the alcohol adverts and advertorials contained a ‘drink responsibly’ or equivalent message. Where ‘drink responsibly’ messages were present, these had frequently been expanded to include the brand name or drink type, or some other extra wording added to fit the wider theme of the advertising campaign.
I particularly liked the examples given within the report:
  • Bacardi: Live Passionately, Drink Responsibly
  • Diageo: Celebrate Life Responsibly
  • el Jimador: Be real. Drink Responsibly
  • Grey Goose: Sip Passionately, Drink Responsibly
  • Jack Daniels: Your friends at Jack Daniels remind you to Drink Responsibly. Play with your Heart. Drink with Care. Live Freely. Drink Responsibly
  • Jack Daniels: Make This Season a Winter to Remember. Drink Responsibly.

So yes I concur Alcohol Concern the message is very much Drink Responsibly (but please keep drinking) ……. Oh and Mr Cameron we need less sloganism and sound bytes from you and more action please.  I’m not interested in what you say only what I see you do, which until now has been very little.

5 thoughts on “Drink responsibly (but please keep drinking)

  1. grrrr with you all the way on this one as you know! (btw I get a 404 error report when I click on the link in the first para?)

    similar findings in an Alcohol Justice report from 2011 – warning – LOTS of alcohol ad images – in fact will not link to it I think but do go find on Google if you like – in that they refer to the fact that the message is often disguised or minaturised in what they tellingly describe as ‘mouseprint’

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the deadlink Prim – try again now 🙂 Yes mouseprint indeed ….. like whispering it rather than BLOODY SHOUTING ABOUT IT!! 😉 xx Phew that feels better 😀

  2. Hi Lucy!
    You can see my hubby on my blog today!
    He’s very cute!
    I was watching people drink last night at a party, and saw several people drink 2 glasses of wine really fast with no food. Other people had one, or none.
    But I know most people can drink just one or two, but then there are the ones that can’t.
    Like me.
    It’s rather strange, those slogans.
    You are right, we must keep people drinking! Makes money, and money is everything.
    There is no safe limit to drinking and driving.
    Oh – I am getting way off topic!!!
    Hugs from Minnesota!

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