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The Power of Sunsets

Once again Jason Silva at Shots of Awe has released a beautiful video looking at the power of sunsets that got me thinking and fits with the rediscovery journey.  Thank  you to a member of the SWAN group over on FB who cleverly suggested rebranding recovery as rediscovery as this is what we do when we put down the drink.

It also reminded me of this creation from A Royal Hangover courtesy of the iconic Jim Carrey.

the power of sunsets
the power of sunsets

Here’s the video and associated quote:

“Attention, if sudden and close, graduates into surprise; and this into astonishment; and this into stupefied amazement.” – Darwin

The witnessing of transitions is powerful and is what keeps us mesmerized by sunsets and sunrises.  It forces us to be more present.  It becomes impregnated with a sense of importance and meaningfulness inducing a transformative experience.  We crave these moments and we work hard for these moments but these moments are already there if we are awake and mindful.  So if you are escaping the cravings of booze and looking for something else to transform look to nature, look to mindfulness and meditation and time with others unsullied by mind altering substances that disconnect not connect us.

If you struggle with the idea of mindfulness and presence try this video as an experiment.  It’s 20 minutes long and gives a timelapsed video of sunsets, clouds and stars.  See if  you can quiet the mind by focusing on this instead 🙂  If you need some help to train the mind then you could always enlist the help of Headspace.  I can personally recommend as it has worked wonders for my ability to  be present.

Why not emulate Jim Carrey with the wisdom that life is too beautiful as it is to warrant drugs and alcohol? 🙂