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MUST LISTEN BBC live interviews with recovering alcoholic

This was shared recently and although listening to all the podcasts will take several hours it so warrants your time and attention.  I listened to them again only yesterday and I cry every time I hear her.

I am alcohol image

It is the live interviews of a 44 year old women who first called into the radio programme 15 months earlier when she was still drinking and waiting to go to rehab later that day.  She is a Consultant Anaesthetist but was suspended for drinking while on call and is awaiting the outcome of being reported to the GMC.  Her partner had her arrested for drink driving and she is awaiting her court case regarding this offence also.  She attended three stints of rehab since appearing on the show initially and finally hit rock bottom in the December.  Having been a heavy drinker for 10 years, she was psychologically addicted to alcohol when she first called in but then went on over the next year to becoming physically addicted and then required medical detoxes.  She’s now 4 months sober and she returns to the show to talk about her disease, her experience and her fledgling recovery.

Victoria Derbyshire speaks again to Rachel, the doctor with an alcohol addiction who first called the programme in February 2011.

Victoria Derbyshire visits Rachel

I found these incredibly moving and her very brave for doing this.  As one of the people who calls in says instead of an anti-alcohol public health campaign this interview should be aired nationally for all to hear as it demonstrates the impact that alcohol has and the consequences of the disease of addiction.

Give it your time and if you’re worried about your drinking maybe it’s time to reach out for help like Rachel did.

Plus I received this email from Annemarie Ward, CEO of Faces & Voices of Recovery UK, yesterday asking for help to spread the word about the next UK Recovery Conference prior to the UK Recovery Walk in Durham in September.

UK Recovery Walk 2015

Dear members, friends and supporters,
Please see below a link to our Conference, the day before the walk, we need some serious promotion of it. We would be very grateful if you could please share the link with your workmates and your social media profiles – here is the link:

You will be pleased to know that uptake of places for the sleepover in Durham cathedral the night before the walk are going very well so please book your place ASAP

Please continue to promote it too using this link.


I will be sending you all our annual report as soon as its signed off by the trustees and dont forget you are all welcome at our AGM Party (attached) and also see posters for the conference and sleepover attached too.

Cant wait to see you all in Durham soon.

No Friday sober jukebox today as this interview is too important to bump for a music video.

Edited to add: since posting this someone has shared with me that Rachel has died.  I had no idea when I wrote this post.  This is the podcast of the tribute that Victoria Derbyshire recorded:

A tribute: Rachel’s battle with alcohol