Friday sober jukebox – Don’t dream it’s over

So as we pack up boxes and get ready to move this song was playing in my head ……. but the dream was of it being over (the move that is!)

There are so many memories we have in this house – 7 years we’ve been here.  We moved here from France having moved 4 times in 18 months before here.  Memories of dining and drinking with people who are now no longer with us – my Dad and my Nan.  Moving here with my daughter who was only 10 months old and now she’s coming up 8.  Memories of good drinking times and drinking fuelled rows.  Ups and downs and life – new jobs, leaving jobs, attaining degrees, training as teachers and public health nurses.  Volunteering, running, living.  And now we’re leaving it all behind once more.

Sifting through our possessions, including our CD collection, and I chanced across this one.  I LOVE this band and this tune – saw them live at Finsbury Park at the Fleadh Festival in 1994!! Drunk and sobbing and singing along to the song below as they were so good – and yes I found footage of it on the awesome Youtube 🙂

So dreaming it’s over and taking the weather with us 😉  My next Friday sober jukebox will be posted from the new house (if we’ve got the broadband working!) and the next chapter of our life adventure.  But in this new house there will be no drinking booze for either of us – a clean slate 🙂  We’ll drink some AF fizz to that 😀

Edited to add: jimsdad shared this with me and it’s so awesome I’m gonna share it as a bonus track tonight 😉

4 thoughts on “Friday sober jukebox – Don’t dream it’s over

  1. I wish you a very good move with little move stress and a lot of happiness in your new house for you and your tribe.
    Hugs and kisses, Feeling

  2. wishing you a good move day and onwards! AF fizz definitely in order. and some great Saturday morning music there in all three videos…. that last one new to me – its a cracker and just shows that there are new good things around the corner every day now we’re sober – so, go find some, sober superstar! xxx

    1. Thank you Prim! 🙂 It’s amazing the last one – isn’t it? Thanks again jimsdad 😉

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