Friday Sober Jukebox – Just an illusion

So riffing off of last week’s track it’s another shot of Imagination!  Why this track?  Because in the last week I’ve been flirting with my old life again.

Illusion-1-GlamourousWe moved house and had dinner in the local pub across the road on the first night.  We had AF fizz to celebrate handing in the keys to our old place last Friday and then we had dinner in the pub AGAIN – my suggestion.  I’d not been running all week what with moving and kids summer holidays, meditation had fallen by the wayside and my mind was squirrely.  Wolfie had woken from his slumber, triggered by all the chaos and change and stress and was whispering in my ear – and for the first time in a long time I was listening.  I could feel myself slipping ……..

Chocolate and an early night and I came to my senses.  Went out for a run and this tune popped into my head.  In the warm light of the sunny Saturday morning run I could see what was happening and that I was kidding myself – that it was all just an illusion and I’d almost been suckered.  Almost.  The lesson I learned is that even at almost 2 years sober life can unsettle you enough to think that drinking might once more be a good idea – even if only for a fleeting second a few days in a row.  The door to the idea opens again and you have to be really vigilant to your own sh*tty thinking.  No harm done but even so – phew!

PS If you want a cold bucket of water pouring over you tonight about drinking and its consequences then I recommend you watch this:

Every year more than 250 people die on Britain’s roads as a result of drink driving. In 2014, North Yorkshire Police arrested up to a thousand drivers for being above the legal alcohol limit, and with some of the highest rates of drink driving in the country, all too often North Yorkshire’s traffic officers are faced with the tragic consequences of motorists driving under the influence.


4 thoughts on “Friday Sober Jukebox – Just an illusion

  1. Thanks Lou – great post I got a lot out of reading that . We really have to be on the ball don’t we – I have also found myself wanting to have a drink but thank god I haven’t . I am off for a big family holiday for a week today – it will
    Be a challenge as we go to the pub a lot and they even bring chilled booze to the beach ! I am feeling strong though – the wine witch can piss off ! Lots of love xx

    1. Piss off wine witch indeed May!! 😀 Hope you have a lovely time and you know how to rock it sober and treat yourself in style on holiday, you’ve done it before so you’re a pro at this 😉 xx

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