Friday Sober Jukebox – We Come One

So tomorrow I’m hitting another sober first.  I’m going to a festival – a dance music festival to be precise.

This triggers all kinds of anxiety even though I’m coming up two years clean and sober (no pun intended!)  Why?  FOMO running wild – I’m in recovery from alcohol and drugs and this will be a binge of immense proportions for many other people there and I’m going in armed with Red Bull only.

Euphoric recall will be front and centre potentially triggering cravings because  I have only seen the headliners whilst off my t*ts in the past and the overriding thought will be: Can I have as much fun experiencing them straight-edged? We come one but I’ll be the odd one out again …..

But I read this article which helped calm my fears 🙂

I went to a music festival sober and this is what I learnt

So I have a plan – text buddies on call, red bull in hand, I’m driving and I will leave it all gets too much.  I’ll report back on how it was in the next week but I suspect it will be better than any other time I have ever seen them because I will be present and remember it all.  I’m going in …….. 😀

PS Brene Brown’s new book Rising Strong launched 3 days ago and I’d advocate reading all of her books – and am looking forward to reading this one myself!!


Double bubble bonus as serendipity strikes again!!  Tim Ferriss today also released his interview with Brene Brown that you can listen to here:

6 thoughts on “Friday Sober Jukebox – We Come One

  1. Hey… have you done some research on the Straightedge subculture? They make sobriety seem far more badass and proactive than the typical touchy-feely self-help types one encounters. It seems like something up your alley.
    Here’s a link:

    Also – I’m reading a great book right now by Dr. Carl Hart, a neuroscientist from Columbia University. The book is called “High Price.” Hart is one of the cutting-edge researchers referenced by Hari in “Chasing the Scream.”
    Here’s a link:

    1. Hey SC I know a bit about the straight-edge sub-culture that was a spin off from punk in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Thanks for both links and I’ll check them out 🙂 PS I like the idea of sober being badass, in fact I like the idea of being called badass full stop! 😉

  2. Have a fabulous time and it sounds like you have a great plan of action to help you through.

    1. Hey KB Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! I plan on having an ace time & a buddy from the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre I volunteer it has just texted as she will be there too so feel extra safe now 🙂

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