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Recovery podcasts

I’d like to thank one of the members of the BFB Yahoo for providing this information for the group which I am now sharing more widely here 🙂







It relates to the growing number of podcasts that are launching aimed at those in recovery.  The one that I have listened to regularly is The Bubble Hour and this remains my favourite although I have listened to a couple from the boys over at Klen + Sobr too 🙂  Personally I’m more of a visual learner so use podcasts less than many of my friends out here in the sober blogosphere.

This is the full list that was recommended to the community with some helpful notes provided by the kind collator.

  1. Since Right Now –  http://www.sincerightnow.com/pdcst/ – Great podcast discussing recovery life.  There are 2 (edited to add: 3 – thanks Chris 😉 hosts on the show, one is in a 12 step program,  one who did it on his own and Matt joined them in Oct 2014
  2. And a special mention to my friend Paul from the blog Message in a Bottle who has joined the SRN network mention above and has his own podcast series called Buzzkill which he describes as ‘looking at life through the lens of recovery, humorous at times, serious at times, but always real’  It’ll be good for sure! 🙂
  3. Recovery Elevator- http://podbay.fm/show/971959728/e/1423776048 – This podcast starts at the hosts “ground zero” and has weekly interviews and topic discussions.
  4. After Party Pod – http://rehabreviews.com/category/podcast/ – Another interview based podcast with host Anna David.
  5. The Bubble Hour- http://www.thebubblehour.com/ – This seems to be a group favorite.  Panel discussion style.
  6. Easier Softer Way- http://theeasiersofterway.com/dharma-talk/ – Testimonials of life experiences with addiction and how meditation helped in individual’s recovery process.
  7. The Share Podcast – http://theshairpodcast.com/ – The host has a very consistent format with a variety of guests describing their recovery experiences.
  8. Home https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/home-podcast/id1021126077?mt=2 – Podcast of Holly from Hip Sobriety and Laura from I Fly At Night.

There are so many more ways springing up to support you get and stay sober – it is awesome!!  Please feel free to add any more you are aware of and would like to share in the comments so we can build up a really good library.