Friday Sober Jukebox – Ten Storey Love Song (in thanks) :)

So the lovely Binki over at the FB SWANS group on Wednesday bought to my attention a piece on After Party Magazine called The 20 Best Recovery Blogs.  Well blow me down with a feather – I was on that list!!!!  I came over all Happy Days 😉

happy daysAnd this is what they wrote:

This is a cool blog wrapped in a super cute package. Maybe it’s my adoration for the British POV but Lou, who is virtually anonymous in the majority of her posts, is just an upbeat sober lady who loves being sober and likes keeping it simple. She offers a lot on her site: news stories, personal blog posts, how-to guides, workshops, interviews and other great resources for the sober community. Since I (and ever other sober person dating a normal drinker) am always looking for fun, non-alcoholic alternatives to enjoy with my bourbon-swigging boyfriend, I especially love her section on mocktails—complete with photos and recipes!

So firstly thank you Danielle Stewart and After Party Magazine!  To be listed by you is truly an honour – and such a lovely review too  🙂 And among such heroes of mine  – Veronica Valli, Magz @ Sober Courage, Chris @ Since Right Now, I Fly At Night, Hip Sobriety, Laura over @ The Sobriety Collective, the lovely Lotta, aka Mrs D, and Amy @ Soberbia to name but a few other sober rock stars *blushing*

So as a way of showing my gratitude for your kindness a tune in return.  A Ten Storey Love Song for a top 20 recovery blog listing ……  The Stone Roses – a British band through and through.  Thank you again and if I can ever help you out with a Reader Spotlight then just ask! 😀


6 thoughts on “Friday Sober Jukebox – Ten Storey Love Song (in thanks) :)

  1. Wow!!! This is great! 🙂 I am happy for you! 🙂 Congratulations! 🙂
    Happy hugs,

  2. That’s fantastic Lou!!! And very well deserved. Your blog has always been one of my absolute favourites and I always recommend it xxxx

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