Brave New World (aka new UK alcohol guidelines January 2016) updated

brave new worldSo today we have the start of a brave new world as the new UK drinking guidelines have been released by Dame Sally Davies the UK Chief Medical Officer.   The quote to the left is taken from Brave New World by Aldous Huxley a book I received as a Christmas present & read over the New Year.

It really resonated with me because it sums up so perfectly the difference between my life drinking and sober.  I am happier than I have ever been but my life now looks calm and pedestrian when compared to the excitement, read chaos, of my drinking days …….  Looks can be very deceiving 🙂

People will rail against the new guidelines – the old me would have done too – but the tide is turning on booze or soma, as the substance was called in Brave New World 😉

CMO guidelines

There will no doubt be many pages of print & text written about this issue over the next few weeks & I will do my best to update!

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In defence of alcohol guidelines

The last week or so has seen some pretty strong debate around the proposed alcohol guidelines published by the Chief Medical Officer.  I’d sort of assumed that, like many news events, this debate would be replaced by another issue after a day or so, but in fact a letters debate was still being printed in The Guardian on Thursday 14th January – almost a week after the guidelines came out | Thinking to some purpose blog, UK

This opinion piece rankled my ire!

The state needs to butt out of Britain’s drinking habits (Guardian)

The state would happily butt out of people’s drinking habits Simon if the NHS didn’t have to pick up the pieces and the cost!!

And this one triggered anger ….

Why those killjoy new alcohol rules are just plain wrong: A devastating critique by an award-winning writer on how alcohol affects our health (Daily Mail)

An important question to ask of this supposedly devastating critique of the new alcohol guidelines is: who paid this journalist to write this??  They are not a medic or public health professional and are calling into question the Chief Medical Officer and all those qualified medical and public health professionals who provided advice and guidance to her during their development.  I’d prioritise the opinion of them and Professor Nick Sheron over a writer (award winning or not) any day of the week!

What are your thoughts about them?

Oh and this flippancy from the drinks industry 🙁

informed decision







And rather than finish with a tune I thought I’d finish with a Radio 4 You and Yours call in that aired last week and some photographic art 🙂

This week England’s chief medical officer will issue new advice on healthy drinking limits. Dame Sally Davies is expected to recommend abstaining from alcohol for at least two days a week. And the daily maximum intake for men could also be cut to the same as for women.

Call You and Yours: Are you drinking more than you should?

New Year mayhem art‘Like a beautiful painting’: image of New Year’s mayhem in Manchester goes viral

A photograph depicting New Year’s Eve celebrations gone awry in central Manchester has been compared to a Renaissance masterpiece.

Plus if you are in the UK and missed the film Amy (about Amy Winehouse) while it was out at the cinema last year it’s on tonight at 9pm on C4.  I’ve been told to have a box of tissues to hand!

4 thoughts on “Brave New World (aka new UK alcohol guidelines January 2016) updated

  1. Hi Lucy,
    I remember the “it’s good for you to have 2 glasses of wine a day” fueled my dad’s drinking, which of course never stopped with just 2 glasses.
    Even my mom’s doctor told her it was ok for her to drink one glass a day after my dad’s death, when she was 86! (And she was grieving so it turned out to be way more than that.)

    1. Yep well intentioned professional advice that we all extended to meet our own drinking requirements! Not any more though with these new guidelines 😉

  2. spent a while last night trawling through the comments on the various online newspaper articles. well, a girl has to fill her empty evenings now she doesn’t drink any more 😉

    comments could mostly been paraphrased as follows:

    ‘Alcohol is so important to me that I resent anyone telling me what I already know, which is that too much is bad for me.’

    much harrumphing coming from blokes in particular, for whom a drop from 21 units to 14 must seem scary in the context above. because 14 a week really is risible when you’re drinking that much in just a day (as I know well myself).

    Did you see the HSIC survey results issued in December – great headline –

    the commenters want to think that ‘everyone’ drinks at higher levels. the hard fact is that everyone DOESN’T.

    great quote from BNW, love it (must dig out!) xx

    1. Morning Prim! I too started to work my way through the comments but lost the will to live …. Agreed there was a great deal of huffing and puffing going on and I thought ‘the lady does protest too much, methinks’ 😉 I do feel their pain as the drinking me would have been outraged but it is what it is and the ‘informed consent’ approach is right whether people take any notice of it or not. Hadn’t seen that survey so thank you for sharing xx

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