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The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015

The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill was approved by the Irish Government on 8th December 2015.

Public-Health-Alcohol-Bill-2015-iconSo now we have Scotland to the north of us and Ireland to the west of us who are acting decisively regarding alcohol and public health …..

The bill aims to reduce alcohol consumption in Ireland to 9.1 litres per person per annum by 2020 and to reduce the harms associated with alcohol.

The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 (PDF)

The Bill consists of 29 sections and as regards alcohol products are listed in Part Two as:

10. Minimum price of alcohol products
11. Labelling of alcohol products and notices in licensed premises
12. Content of advertisements
13. Prohibition on advertising in certain places
14. Restriction on advertising during events
15. Sponsorship
16. Children’s clothing
17. Advertisements in publications
18. Advertising in cinemas
19. Review of operation of section 12 to 18
20. Structural separation (of alcohol products in mixed trading outlets)
We really are being shown up in the UK now as dragging our heels on this issue & I would so love for this type of Bill to be enacted here.  It addresses many of the key issues that put both adults and our young people at risk with this psychoactive addictive drug.
What will it take for our govt to act?  Well recognising it as a public health issue rather than a law and order departmental concern would be a start.  Diverting all that money used in crime and punishment towards health and well-being instead? A girl can dream and sadly that is all it is right now 🙁
Edited to add: It’s amazing what crosses your desk at just the right moment!  When reading a  Daily Telegraph article about how the Scotch Whisky Association wants the Government to cut the tax on a bottle of whisky by 2pc (I know!) they included this chart looking at alcohol taxes in different European countries
 alcohol taxes tableAs you can see Ireland has the largest alcohol tax take but are now counterbalancing it with legislation to help reduce alcohol consumption.  Ireland and the UK are very similar in that booze contributes massively to the economy but that shouldn’t preclude protecting public health ……