Friday Sober Jukebox: Help Someone

Help-someone-quoteI love the internet.  It became widely available when I was in my late 20’s, working in medical sales and still living in London.  Who could foresee a world where we could write words or songs and upload them for others to read or listen to via blogs or Youtube?  A virtual world that would create and allow such global connection.  My kids can’t envisage a world without it and have known no different and laugh when I say that we didn’t even have colour tv when we were their age!

And through the power of the internet I received this email and song and was able to share it here 🙂

Message: Hi,

My name is Jeremy. I’ve battled addiction since the age of 13. I’ve written this song to help myself during recovery and perhaps others might identify with it and maybe it will “Help Someone” else. Use it or share it however you wish, if you feel it’s appropriate. God bless.

And we had this conversation:

Thank you Jeremy for sharing your song.  I’ll post it for one of my Sober Friday Jukebox tunes if that’s okay?

Thank you again

Lou x

Thank you. It’s really nice having a “hangover free life” – not always easy, but much better than the alternative. Thanks!

Thank you Jeremy <3

Edited to add: 19th March 2016

If you want to find out a little more about Jeremy you can do so as he recently did a Recovery Rocks for Veronica Valli

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  1. Happy tears 🙂 Thanks Jeremy & Lou, this is great–the internet is one of the best sober tools we have! xx

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