Friday Sober Jukebox – Wide open

chemical-brothers-beck-wide-open-video-watchSo this is going to be one of those circular blogs.  It started with me hearing Jean at Unpickled say ‘New level, new devil’ during a recent Bubble Hour episode where they were interviewing Anna David from After Party Magazine.  That expression struck a chord because although sobriety gets easier as time goes by, you still discover new things that leave you feeling wide open as each new experience can feel like it brings a new demon to face.

Which links with another sober first ace’d this week, a sober wedding.  But not any old wedding – the remarriage of my youngest sister who I am exceptionally close to.  I was the witness and the whole experience left me very tearful (happy tears!) and wide open.  She is my beloved baby sister and we have experience so much together both happy and sad.  She looked beautiful in her uniquely individual dreadlocked and steam-punked style and way.  That kind of extreme joy can trigger euphoric recall.

And she gave me this album – a shared favourite in The Chemical Brothers but this track featuring Beck is just sublime (and it would seem not just I think that – it’s had almost 8 million views since it was launched 3 weeks ago!).  And to complete the circle as a wedding present myself and MrHOF were given tickets to see Beck live at Brixton Academy which was incidently also where I saw The Chem’s 🙂  My sister’s off to see them later this year and I dare not go because I know I’ll just want to go take that euphoric recall and go higher and I can’t do that anymore ….. which makes me both happy to have the memory but sad also.

The still picture at the top of the blog is taken from the video to the track and for me visually expresses the emotional wide open-ness that can come from getting sober or getting married.  A leap of faith and hope which brings a new different kind of high which for me triggered both emotional joy, pain and fear as the new level brings new devils to be tamed and understood.  Once again Glennon says perfectly what I’m struggling to say …..

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness sis xx

8 thoughts on “Friday Sober Jukebox – Wide open

  1. I know that song well and love it but what an incredible video – so so beautiful and how do they do that when you can see through her body?? Love that you had such a happy time at your sisters wedding and you should totally go to the chemical brothers sober you will be amazed at the natural high you will feel from being in that concert atmosphere with all your senses fully alive xxx

    1. Hey Lotta 🙂 I hope that that would be the case too but when I went to see Faithless (and I hate to admit this) it didn’t feel the same without the chemical enhancement. Maybe it was because it was my first festival and I had too high expectations but the experience left me sadly flat which makes me not keen to test again 🙁 Hope all is well with you lovely xx

  2. Hi Lucy!
    I can’t hear the music, but I am glad you had a wonderful time at your sister’s wedding!
    Euphoric recall is probably what I feel at my good couple friends’ dinner parties.
    Just not the same, and feels flat.
    We used to have so much fun drinking and laughing.
    I never thought of it this way.
    Thank you,
    Happy Friday!

    1. Yes I think that probably is that Wendy – we just need time to adjust 🙂 xx

  3. how did I manage to miss this brilliant post when it came out?! congratulations to your sister and to you for a wonderful day which didn’t need alcohol to make it any better!

    in the same way will echo Lotta in saying that hope that you will keep going to see people you love play live. maybe because it’s not one of the things you do frequently in any case its just a matter of persisting with it? keep practicing sweetie 😉 xx

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