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Alcohol Use and the over 50s in the UK

Drink Wise Age WellDo you drink more the older you get? Why? Well the biggest ever survey of its kind has been conducted by researchers at the University of Bedfordshire into the drinking habits of the over 50s.

They found that stigma and shame are stopping many people in that age group from getting help and that the most frequently reported reasons for those who drink more now than in the past are age-related

Around 4 in 5 over 50s at risk of harm from alcohol said no relatives, friends, doctors or other health workers been concerned about their drinking. 1 in 4 said they would not tell anyone if they needed help.

Report: Drink Wise Age Well – Alcohol Use and the over 50s in the UK

Our report Drink Wise, Age Well – Alcohol Use and the over 50s in the UK – based on initial study findings from the Substance Misuse and Ageing Research Team at University of Bedfordshire and compiled by the International Longevity Centre UK.

Download Drink Wise, Age Well Alcohol use and the over 50s Report

Here is a link to Alcohol Policy UK’s view too:

‘Drink Wise, Age Well: Alcohol Use and the Over 50s in the UK’
The alarming rise of alcohol-related health problems in our elderly population

A new campaign has been launched called Drink Wise, Age Well which will provide practical advice on how to make healthier choices about drinking | Wales Online, UK

Plus a friend of mine was interviewed discussing her success in stopping over 2  years ago.  Go Sarah!! 🙂


Edited to add 22/12/2016:

‘Drink Wise, Age Well’: older adults and the labour market