Daily Archives: 11/03/2016

Friday Sober Jukebox – Wishing

Digital StillCameraSo recently MrHOF & I went out to dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I’d been missing and wishing to revisit somewhere we used to dine pretty regularly pre-kids because the food was so good.  We lived in a different city then so the trip down nostalgia lane took us to a different one in our nearest city now.  With a name like Hotel du Vin it’s not hard to guess that wine and booze feature pretty heavily as part of the experience back in the day but even I was unprepared for just how much it was being promoted now ….

The link to the image is tenuous but on the menu there were flights of wine being advertised.  And these have been discussed by myself and some other sober friends only recently!   So in my brain that goes flight – bird – flock of seagulls (see tune below!) 😉

So I attach here as evidence exhibit one: the dessert menu.  Now as a girl who no longer drinks alcohol desserts feature pretty strongly in my world view and their selection was good as you can see.  But as you can also see underneath each option and the cheeses was a recommended accompanying wine and one could be forgiven for mistaking the dessert menu for a drinks menu such was the promotion of wines and ports, cognacs, whiskies, calvados, armagnacs, rum & liquers, and not after dinner coffee, but after dinner cocktails!!  And not only that but the creme normande that was served with the apple tarte tartin was loaded with calvados  which neither of us appreciated and we only realised after having put the first spoonful in our mouth and swallowed it!!

It’s amazing what you notice when you don’t drink anymore but the heavy handed promotion of booze and reaction of the sommelier when we said we would be dining and drinking only sparkling mineral water was pretty shocked and shocking.  Does anyone really need three types of dessert wine or port with cheese?  It was all very excessive and we couldn’t fail not to notice.  And as for non-alcoholic options, apart from water, nothing in sight.

So flock of seagulls – anyone else as old as me remember this 80’s new romantic band?  Had to show my favourite track – ‘wishing’ while wishing that Hotel Du Vin would tone down their booze pushing as it really did put me off ever returning, irrespective of how good the food is (and sadly that wasn’t as good as we remember it either).