Relationship Realities Project

relationship realitiesThis was an excellent joint project between OnePlusOne and Adfam where they interviewed families about their experience of addiction so that others could listen and learn from them.  It is an approach called ‘information with feeling’ which resonates very strongly with me because that is what I try to do here.  It is human voices with personal experience of the subject being discussed so that we are not distant but can relate in a very intimate subjective way and for me that is both a professional and personal discussion.

Relationship Realities: listen to other families’ stories, tips and advice
Thank you so much to everyone who shares their stories and listens to others on this blog.

We know that hearing from other people who have been through similar experiences, and listening to their tips and advice can be extremely helpful. That's why we have, in partnership with the relationships charity OnePlusOne, produced an audio collection of real-life stories and practical advice from couples whose relationship has been affected by a drug or alcohol problem in the family.

You can listen to the audio here - either the whole 30 minutes or the individual stories of only about five minutes each.

Relationship Realities is an audio collection of short stories and practical advice from real people living in families affected by drug or alcohol use problems. The resource has been created by relationship research charity OnePlusOne and families, drugs and alcohol charity Adfam

  1. Relationship Realities. Love starts with Listening (FULL AUDIO)
  2. Introduction to Relationship Realities Project
  3. Jane and Cliff – story about alcohol use problem
  4. Kirstin and Gareth – story about alcohol use problem
  5. Richard and Laura – story about ‘legal highs’ use problem
  6. Rob and Chris – story about heroin use problem
  7. Balvinder – story about alcohol use problem
  8. Cheryl and Keith – story about alcohol use problem

This is an excellent resource that is now widely available and thank you OnePlusOne and Adfam for creating and sharing this work with us 🙂

It was also picked up by The Guardian as well as Radio 5:

Stories of survival: families affected by addiction share advice

In a government-funded pilot, the stories of families affected by drug and alcohol misuse are recorded and shared to help those in similar situations | Guardian, UK