Friday Sober Jukebox – The Boys Are Back in Town

Boys are back in townSo I don’t know if I’m just hankering for an excuse to put a photo of DCI Hunt from the excellent TV series Life On Mars up (who I loved) but there have been a couple of news stories of late about men and drinking that link this image and Thin Lizzy (which also featured heavily in the series) tune that the jukebox is featuring – ‘the boys are back in town’ in my head.  Male sober bloggers are a rarer breed and so when I see a news article featuring the voices of men I am heartened.  Like this ‘comment is free‘ in The Guardian recently:

What it’s like to quit drinking, by those who’ve done it – or are trying

Brits’ relationship with alcohol has come under the spotlight, with experts calling for warnings on all alcohol – and saying that men in particular refuse to believe the risks. This comes as data shows that millions of middle-aged men drink more than is recommended in new government guidelines – the limit was lowered in January for men from 21 units a week to 14, the same as women.

For some, their relationship with alcohol is such that they decide to stop drinking completely, either for life or for a few months. This can be for a variety of reasons – to tackle more severe problems such as alcoholism or simply for better health.

We spoke to five people about the moment they decided to quit, and how hard it was. Here are their stories

Steve Craftman, south Wales: I never feel more alone than when I’m with a group of partying drunks

Max Dalda Müller, Somerset: I was drinking 15-20 cans of Special Brew a day

Charlie Doeg-Smith Dundee: I intend to give up for good but I know it won’t be easy

Anonymous, London: I managed to pull myself back from the brink

Here’s the Drinkaware charity news release that prompted the responders above and the original news story:

Experts call for warnings on all alcohol as men refuse to believe risks

“More than half (53%) of middle-aged men drinking above the low-risk guidelines do not believe they will incur increased health problems if they continue drinking at their current level, with almost half (49%) of these drinkers also believing moderate drinking is good for your health,” says the organisation.

It also prompted this considered response from Alcohol Policy UK:

Do risky drinkers consider their drinking ‘problematic’?

Understanding how many at risk drinkers do not consider themselves to be, and the reasons behind this, can be considered important from policy and practitioner perspectives. Interventions tend only to be effective where they appreciate the drinker’s beliefs and motivations; brief intervention approaches may sometimes ‘work’ because they initiate awareness of risk in the first instance, or for others because they help a person to resolve ‘ambivalence’ and enhance motivation.

Maybe there is something of the Gene Genie (aka DCI Gene Hunt) about this denial of the risk of alcohol to men?  Maybe some male readers of my blog would like to share their thoughts 🙂

Over to Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy 😉

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  1. I should ask my husband about this, as he still drinks (heavily) and doesn’t think it’s a problem :/

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