Alcohol Research UK – 30 year impact report & recent studies

Alcohol studies 30 years of impactThis was an excellent review of the Alcohol Research UK 30 year impact report and evaluation by Alcohol Policy UK I read in April.  Here’s what they had to say and their feature of the important recent studies including CBT, medications & adolescence studies.

Alcohol Research UK has published a report which looks at the projects it has supported since 1982, mostly as the Alcohol Education and Research Council, to review its impact. Based on an independent research project, it gives an overview of the of nearly 900 projects, fellowships and studentships it has funded. The charity continues to release regular grant programmes with the 2016/17 opportunities to be announced in May.

The report identifies the wide scope of work undertaken in the alcohol field, including the development of brief intervention, support for at-risk groups, understanding behaviour and culture, education and prevention, and policy impacts. Fostering new research and Alcohol Research UK’s future ambitions are also detailed. A presentation on the work will be showcased at the forthcoming New Directions conference (which was in late April).

Recent research publications

The following Alcohol Research UK funded research projects have been released:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group intervention for dependent alcohol users

This study led by Dr Christos Kouimtsidis, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, explored changes in attitudes towards drinking during Abstinence Preparation Groups (APG) – which is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – and considered whether such changes reduced the symptoms of alcohol dependence in readiness for medically assisted detoxification treatment.

Effects of Varenicline on alcohol enjoyment and consumption

This study led by Dunja Przulj from the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London explored the effects of using varenicline (a medicine mostly commonly used to support smoking cessation) to alter drinking behaviour.

A think aloud study to explore the feasibility and acceptability of a digital intervention for the prevention of alcohol related harm in adolescents

This small qualitative study by Dr. Emma Louise Davies, Lecturer in Psychology at Oxford Brookes University, explored the feasibility and acceptability of using a digital intervention (i.e. the Alcohol Smart Quiz based on the Prototype Willingness Model of health behaviour) for the prevention of alcohol related harm in adolescents.

Adolescent alcohol use and school disengagement 

Drawing on ten years of longitudinal cohort data from the Belfast Youth Development Study (BYDS), this research study led by Dr. Tara O’Neill from the Institute of Child Care Research at Queen’s University Belfast aimed to investigate how differing patterns of alcohol use in adolescence are associated with their disengagement from school from 11-15 years and pathways to being NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) at 20/21 years old.

Thank you James for an excellent summary and definitely my picks of the research too 🙂

Edited to add 22nd July 2016:

Alcohol addiction and treatment over 40 years: NDSAG 2016 FEAD videos

A new series of videos covering expert presentations on addiction, recovery and treatment are now available from the Film Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs (FEAD) | Alcohol Policy UK, UK