Drunk and dry

tony-adams-addicted-1404666175-2237477So I was surfing the interwebs as you do and came across this programme on Youtube that I hadn’t seen before called Tony Adams – Drunk and Dry

As a Chelsea fan writing about an Arsenal player stings (a bit) but he is one of the greats of English football irrespective of his team colours when not playing for our national team back in the day.

I haven’t read his book shown above but it has some great reviews on Amazon.

Although this was screened on C4 in 2002 it was only uploaded to Youtube last year and still really resonant for me.  These were some the things that he said that really captured his experience and rang true of mine too:

“I’m a human being and I forget,  And if I forget that bottom I’m gonna think that I’m cured, I’m gonna think that I’m okay, I’m gonna think that I can drink again.  It’s the illness that tells you you haven’t got it.

I don’t regret the past, I feel I’ve come to the place I am today because of it.  Everyone we meet, every place we go, every experience we have makes us who we are today.”

It really is a good watch because it focuses on his recovery just as much as his drinking history so gives a more rounded view of addiction both while he was stuck in it and looking back from 5 years in recovery.  He was and remains an inspirational footballer and now he is an inspiration in recovery too, as is his fellow team mate Paul Merson who supported him in his early days of recovery and also has an autobiography on Amazon that gets great reviews called How Not To Be A Professional Footballer.

Edited to add 25th July 2016: Tony Adam’s charity Sporting Chance was in the news today as sadly a former England and Chelsea hero has required their support recently

Former England captain tells court he is alcoholic and will abstain from drinking, as he is given four-year driving ban