Using online tools to treat alcohol misuse

HAGASo an A&E clinical nurse manager friend of mine was kindly sent this excellent article in the Nursing Times about using online tools to treat alcohol misuse.  A subject close to my heart seeing as I designed and manage one!

These were the 5 key points of the research:

  1. People who misuse alcohol may avoid treatment for fear of friends and family finding out
  2. Digital tools offer home-based access to support and treatment at a convenient time
  3. Service users may find it less daunting to discuss issues online
  4. Interacting with patients via tools such as Skype can mean health professionals listen more, talk less and provide more appropriate treatment.
  5. Apps and digital tools may be used to treat problems in which access to healthcare may be a barrier to treatment

I completely agree with all the research findings and conclusion as my own experience verifies.  The whole paper is worth a read and you can access it here:

270416_Using online tools to treat alcohol misuse

Thank you Mark Holmes at HAGA for publishing this and for providing evidence that what I instinctively felt was a solution to the problem for me turns out to be correct for many! 🙂