Saturday Sober Jukebox – When Everything Was New

G’day sober lovelies!  Long time no write but boy have I been busy exploring lots of new things.  Getting up early with the sunrise and the sound of kookaburra’s as my alarm clock, going to bed early and happily exhausted from so much travelling, doing and seeing; watching possums crawl across my tent roof at night, sand tobogganing, running along beaches, stroking kangaroo’s, eating concrete – an extra hard ice-cream (and how about liqourice flavour? – it’s delicious!), snorkelling among the turtles, rays, reef sharks and tropical fish with my children at the Great Barrier Reef and watching hump back whales and their calves.  I could go on and on and on  🙂

Australia was AMAZING.  I love everything about the place, the people and the food – being eaten alive by sand flies not so much.  I won’t bore you with all my holiday photos but will share these three which sum up the whole experience so well.  Magical beaches, sunsets and memories – like seeing pods of wild dolphins 5 times and feeding them by  hand not once but TWICE!!

Did the thought of drinking cross my mind?  Maybe fleetingly once or twice.  Did the thought of managing a hangover with all the activities we were doing puncture my consciousness?  God yes.  I would have wanted to stay up late after the kids (we went to bed at the same time as them pretty much all holiday) drinking.  Those early morning wake-ups would have been a nightmare and I would have been a grumpy tired resentful parent.  My focus would have been finding an excuse to drink at all times and time, activities and experiences would have been prioritised around that or the resulting hangover.  I suspect we wouldn’t have done half as much as we did or travel as extensively as we did.  We were so lucky as the family member we were travelling with also doesn’t drink and decaff tea was the drink of choice for all of us.  Yes the family we were staying with drank but when we went out for dinner at another of their friends houses my sis in law said we were teetotal and that was that 🙂

Australian supermarkets are very sensible and you can only buy alcohol free products in them – I found and sampled a couple of AF beers which were very nice and saw a small selection of AF wines.  You have to go to a bottle shop or liquor store for booze – although there were plenty about including drive through!   Plus RBT (random breath tests) are a big thing both on the roads and water at any time of day.  And my new favourite AF drink?  Lemon, lime and bitters (from Bundaberg the biggest rum distillery in Oz who do a great range of AF drinks too).








And as for sober treats?  How about an organic doughnut with macadamia nuts, mascarpone and fresh strawberries (this was sampled at Byron Bay)  😉

organic doughnut oz








And as it’s a Saturday sober jukebox an Aussie tune too by Flume aptly titled When Everything Was New.  It’s nice to be back, but truth be told I’d have happily stayed ……

Will be back tomorrow as taking my daughter to see Little Mix tonight!

14 thoughts on “Saturday Sober Jukebox – When Everything Was New

  1. Excuse ME I think you’ll find that was MY doughnut!!!

    All looks wonderful – so pleased you had such a well deserved fantastic time! Xxx

    1. I’m so sorry Prim – I couldn’t save it for you as it was too hard to resist 😉 Speak soon xx

  2. Welcome back. I’m totally jealous! Looks fabulous, glad you had a great time. I’m fighting Prim for that doughnut.

    1. Thanks Sharon! Maybe a trip to Oz could be your 4 year soberversary treat? 🙂

      1. Hmmm, maybe Oz, but I’m just in between a new profile picture and “Wicked” is my favorite musical of all time.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! So happy you had a great time without drinking! 🙂 I would feel the same way if I drank on vacation; waiting for everyone to go to sleep so I can have a huge amount of alcohol, feeling crappy the next morning and missing out on the fun in the activities I would do. It’s not worth it, thanks for showing me that! 🙂

    1. Hey Sammy Dee and thank you! I’m sure I had more fun sober than I ever would have done drinking 🙂

    1. Hey Wendy 🙂 Yes I’m back and I ate a load of great ice-cream while I was gone! xx

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