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Toot Toot: I’m in The Fix! :)

sobrietycomp2So just tooting the horn for this list of awesome sober bloggers – which just happens to include myself 😉  The list was compiled by Regina Walker psychotherapist and writer for The Fix.

You can read the full article which is entitled: My Top 12 Recovery Blogs here but I’m going to list the names and links here so you can go check them out.

Over to Regina:

The number of “sober” or “recovery” blogs increases every day. The anonymity—and shame—that once shrouded people affected by substance abuse is slowly slipping away. Some blog posts read like journal entries—a diary on the web, in a sense.

I have read many recovery blogs. I am often very moved by the genuineness and honesty that, perhaps, the faceless Internet allows. These writers are sharing some of their deepest secrets and most shamed-filled experiences with, well, everyone. Often the sites almost sound like intimate conversations the writer is having with themselves or a loved one and I, the reader, am eavesdropping.

I compiled a list of 12 of my favorite recovery blogs and had the opportunity to talk with the bloggers, yet this list can never be all-inclusive. I have read posts on many blogs that have stayed with me, written by people who I will never meet, and who have no idea they have touched me so deeply. 

Below (in no particular order) are my 12 favorite recovery blogs.

1. Transformation is Real

2. The Recovery Revolution

3. The Miracle of the Mundane

4. Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

5. The Unruffled

6. The Sobriety Collective

7. Buzzkill Pod

8. Tired of Thinking About Drinking

9. Sober Unicorn

10. The Sober Señorita

11. Walking in Sober Boots

12. Me 🙂

One of the more common themes amongst these bloggers is the importance of the cyber recovery community. For a number of them, it is their primary sober support. And that is true not only for the many bloggers themselves, but for their countless readers and followers. The support, assistance, and connection provides a healing experience for so many, which may explain why sober blogs and sites are gaining such great popularity. You can be anonymous, do recovery your own way, gain support, and make friends—all from the safety of your computer screen.

Blogger Christina Ferri said, “Shortly after I started my blog, the networking and online recovery tribe became, almost overnight, my rock to stand on. I felt stronger than ever. People I’ve never met or heard of began reaching out to me, sharing more resources, sharing their stories and including me in collaborations to further our outreach in recovery. I’ve made true friends and have unlimited resources to assist me and strengthen me every day.” 

This list includes several people I consider both mentors and friends, such as the lovely Belle and Paul, and those I have had the pleasure to *meet* via social media and private groups such as Sondra, Laura and Chris.  Regina  is so right that the community out here is invaluable and I continue to be grateful that you, and I, are here 🙂

Edited to add: And on the 7th September 2016 I was also listed in Port of Call’s 20 best addiction recovery blogs