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Am I getting cold feet?

cold-feetSo I’m sneaking in an extra post on the eve of my 3rd year soberversary.  This time 3 years ago I was having my last drinking session.  I’ve been reminded and reminiscent of the not so recent past what with the return of an old TV series that I watched back in my drinking days glass in hand – Cold Feet.  What’s interesting to me about this programme is that I have grown up with this show – it was like the UK equivalent to Friends and the characters were the same age in the show as I was in real life so it felt very current to me.  The same applies now as they are approaching 50 as am I.

My two favourite characters were Karen and Pete who interestingly both have troubled relationships with alcohol.  John Thomson who plays Pete has been in recovery for many years and was actively in his addiction when the last series was filmed 13 years ago and you can see him here talking about it recently:

Karen’s character (played by Hermione Norris) develops alcoholism during Series 4 and there are some key scene’s where she discusses her drinking with fellow colleague, who becomes lover, Mark:

I so identified with Karen’s character and on rewatching these scenes I thought these discussions felt very real and honest.  The irony is that when these were airing in 2002-2003 I had no idea that I would become far more like Karen than I could ever imagine at the time!!  I’ve been watching her closely in the new series and she’s still abstinent which means her character has now been in recovery for 13-14 years, much like her then dishy co-star Mark played by Sean Pertwee 😉

There’s something really heartening about this for me.  It feels really great that I am watching the show and know that Karen and I do now share that similarity, that we both are living happily in recovery and that it isn’t just in the show because the actors involved have also shared their struggles with booze and are long term role models of recovery too 🙂

No cold feet here about the decision I made 3 years ago, not one bit!