Quick apology (and small celebratory dance!)

sorrySo the site went down at around 7.20 am yesterday morning and I’ve been working frantically behind the scenes to get it back up!  If you came here in the last 32 hours looking for me a heartfelt apology for not being here 🙁

Without getting too technical I had a 500 internal server error caused by a routine plug-in update that basically took the site down and the kind folks at WordPress couldn’t help because it was a host server issue! Last night I was frantically engaged in an exceptionally steep learning curve and digging around in my server files trying to figure out where the fatal error had occurred.  I was just beginning to resign myself to the fact that all that I had created here might be lost forever when at 4.30 pm today I cracked it 🙂


Cue small celebratory dance but not just about that!  I also found out today that I passed my University of Cambridge Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies with really great feedback about my assignment.  So now I start the research publishing quest to try and get it approved and submitted before we head off to Australia!  I won’t share it here yet – you’ll have to wait 😉

As for a celebratory sober treat?  A soupcon of chocolate today but I’ll be getting myself something bigger tomorrow 😀

10 thoughts on “Quick apology (and small celebratory dance!)

    1. Thanks lovely 🙂 I have to confess it involved lots of good advice and signposting from the lovely WordPress people without which I would have been sunk xx

  1. Congratulations on all your recent accomplishments! Booze is not only the problem, it is the roadblock to our purposes here on this big blue marble. It was also the nasty bone we kept chewing on that never gave us any real sustenance. Enjoy your trip!

    1. Hey Kary May Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog 🙂 Thank you also for the compliment and I agree with all that you say!

  2. Perfect post for a new year.
    I’m going to make me proud!!!
    Thanks Lou xxx

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