Daily Archives: 30/11/2016

Ho Ho Ho Tis the season to be sober ;)

12-days-of-christmas-drinking-wine-memeSo it’s almost that time of year again, the season where your social media feed will be more full than usual with memes celebrating everything that is great about this booze sodden month (such as this one to the left) peaking with Christmas and New Year.

I’ve been in touch with Arthur Cauty and he has pulled a rabbit out of the ‘A Royal Hangover‘ hat again for us!! If you haven’t yet watched his superb British documentary film go to the image of Queenie on a postage stamp with a bottle in her hand to the right of this blog post and click and it’ll take you to iTunes where you can rent or buy the film.  It really is fabulous (you can read my review here) and will help you gird your loins for the drinking mayhem that is about to descend upon  us ….

Following the success and popularity of last year’s sober advent calendar (which is archived under sober heroes & heroines in the ‘life without booze’ tab at the top of the blog or you can find them here) we have a NEW 2016 sober advent calendar to support you on a daily basis during these sometimes trying times.  Starting tomorrow and rolling all the way to the big day itself 😉

Today and for the next month we raise an AF glass & remind ourselves of our choice of why we don’t drink anymore in the company of the good and the great of the screen, music and written word.

Tomorrow Arthur’s quote and image delights will begin and we hope you like and it keeps you on the straight and narrow fellow sober warriors during this trickiest of times.  I’ll be here so reach out if you need support.