Ask your MP to join the alcohol harm debate this Thursday

I’ve just received this email from Liam Byrne and I’m sharing it here in case you would like to write to your MP to urge them to join the debate too.

I feel I don’t have much of a voice on this issue but my MP is my representative so I will be writing to them.

Dear Friend,

Please ask your MP to join the alcohol harm debate this Thursday.

This Thursday we finally bring to the floor of the House of Commons a debate about alcohol harm and the need for a plan from Government to support Britain’s 2.5 million children of parents who drink too much.
Please write to your MP and ask them to join in.
This is a chance for us to make sure the voice and experience of children of alcoholics is heard on the national stage. I’ll be talking about some of the ideas contained in the first ever manifesto for children of alcoholics which we aim to launch the week beginning 13 February – International Children of Alcoholics Week.
If you aren’t sure who represents your local area, visit  They Work for You and ask your MP to join us.

The more who speak, the more we break the silence – and break the cycle of this terrible disease.

Very Best

Liam Byrne MP

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