Do I Drink Too Much?

So it’s the last day of January and to those of you taking part in Dry January congratulations if you made it this far.  Have you been reflecting on whether you drink too much as part of that month off?  Perhaps on your last night of sipping sparkling water you might want to watch this documentary which aired in December on BBC Wales.  Thanks to my friend Libby for bringing it to my attention!

Lib featured it as part of her News and Update round-up for December on Alcohol Policy UK and if you wish to read all of it you can find it here:

News & updates December 2016: middle-age health, drink-driving, the rise of alcohol-free & the return of benchgirl

2 thoughts on “Do I Drink Too Much?

  1. It’s nice to hear from Libby 🙂 That’s a great article, and I always get a little weepy when I see the “bench girl” photo xx

    1. She’s well Lori and for a few weeks recently I got to work with her professionally 🙂 Bench girl – I agree xx

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