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Manifesto for Children of Alcoholics – Launched Today

Another email from Liam Byrne today launching the children of alcoholics – manifesto for change yesterday, so on Valentine’s Day no less ….

Dear Friend

Today the All-Party Group launches the first ever manifesto for children of alcoholics.

Thank you for all your help in putting this together!

The hard-hitting manifesto, published to coincide with International Children of Alcoholics Week, sets out a 10-point plan to help Britain’s 2.6 million innocent victims of drink – the children of hard-drinking parents.

It is co-written by children of alcoholics, policy makers and experts from charities, interest groups and medicine.

You can read it here:

Children of Alcoholics – A Manifesto for Change
I’ve also launched a petition calling on the Government to back the manifesto. Please consider adding your signature and sharing with your friends and family.

(Click on the image below to access the petition)

I welcome any feedback

Very best

Liam Byrne MP

I’ve signed the petition and hope you will too 🙂

Edited to add: picked up by The Guardian too!

MPs and peers launch manifesto in support of children of alcoholic parents

Group behind initiative reveal feelings of shame and fear of own childhoods and call on ministers to tackle UK’s ‘secret scandal’

A third Labour MP has spoken of the “secrecy, shame and fear” of living with an alcoholic parent, as she urged more government action to help the children of people with alcohol problems.

Byrne, whose late father, Dermot, had alcohol problem, said the issue was “the biggest, dirtiest secret in Britain”, adding: “The challenge for the children of alcoholics is they fall through the cracks.

“They are on the cusp of these three different systems. Their parents are covered by the adult social care system, they themselves are covered by the children’s social care system, then there is the public health system.”

The manifesto was produced by the all-party parliamentary group on children of alcoholics, supported by the archbishop of Canterbury. It found an absence of strategies to deal with the issue and a lack of funding in many areas.

It also issued 10 demands for government action, including better education for children and professionals, better support or families and action on availability and promotion of alcohol.

Edited to add: 5/5/17

Health Minister Nicola Blackwood has written to Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England, confirming that the children of alcoholics would become a key priority for the year 2017/2018, reported the Express. The Government’s “Best start in life” programme will “support the development of a strategy to address the needs of children living with alcohol dependent parents.”

Edited to add: 04/01/18

Funding for helpline to support ‘children of alcoholics’ announced

Edited to add: 09/01/2018

What’s it like to be the child of an alcoholic?

One in five children are said to be affected by their parents’ drinking, and the effects can last well into adulthood. Six women tell us what it was like growing up with a parent dependent on alcohol. You can hear more from all of them throughout the week on Woman’s Hour during our special series, Children of Alcoholics.