Effectiveness of web-based self help interventions with alcohol

There is growing research on the effectiveness of web-based self-help interventions. A meta-analysis by the World Health Organisation (WHO) showed that, for people with hazardous and harmful use of alcohol, computerized self-help is approximately as effective as a face-to face brief intervention. It is also likely to be cost-effective. Online self-help might be the first … Continue reading Effectiveness of web-based self help interventions with alcohol

Survival’s Law of Three

This is an old adage from battlefield medicine and triage about survival times: 3 seconds – fight or flight decision making time 3 minutes – without air 3 hours – without warmth or shelter 3 days – without water 3 weeks – without food This rule of three’s has stuck with me for many things … Continue reading Survival’s Law of Three

Psychological preparation

I learned when training to run a marathon that the psychological preparation was as important, if not more so, than all of the training runs, drink and snack choices, warm up and down stuff put together.  If you didn’t believe you could do it – it became so much more difficult on the final miles … Continue reading Psychological preparation