Go Soberistas Go!

I caught this today and thought I would share it here: This Morning is a UK daytime show that runs on ITV (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Morning_%28TV_series%29).  I couldn’t find the viewing figures for this show but it is definitely a housewives favourite in this country and has won awards for the last 3 years. Lucy Rocca from Soberistas … Continue reading Go Soberistas Go!

Bonus post: Kindness advent calendar

I’ve had a really tough week and MrHOF very kindly took the HOFlets swimming this morning so I had a bit more extra time for soberverse browsing.  While I was dipping in and out of sober communities I spotted this December kindness advent calendar that someone on Soberistas had shared and I thought ‘how lovely’. … Continue reading Bonus post: Kindness advent calendar

Friday Sober Jukebox – We are family

This song feels appropriate today seeing as it is my son’s birthday!  We are off as a family to the seaside for the week-end to celebrate 🙂 It also feels appropriate because it resonates with some excellent research that the University of Southampton have completed exploring the success of mutual aid in recovery as represented … Continue reading Friday Sober Jukebox – We are family

Are You an Invisible Alcoholic?

Thank you to the kind member of SWANS on FB who kindly shared the link to this The Fix article about high functioning alcoholics. High-functioning alcoholics are often hiding in plain sight—and they’re often more dangerous than drop-dead drunks. “He was never drunk when I interviewed him,” the late writer Truman Capote’s biographer told me. … Continue reading Are You an Invisible Alcoholic?

Alcohol Marketing & highlights of Alcohol Awareness Week

Sometimes an image can convey so much more than words – like this one ……. In November the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance‘s 2015 Conference, co-hosted by Alcohol Focus Scotland, took place in Edinburgh on the theme of ‘Momentum for change: research and advocacy reducing alcohol harm’.  Alcohol Policy UK wrote an excellent summary post which you … Continue reading Alcohol Marketing & highlights of Alcohol Awareness Week

It’s Different for Girls

Have you ever seen this photo accompanying an article about women and drinking?  The ubiquitous #benchgirl photographic image from 2008 gets a mention in this excellent presentation (the back story being that whenever this image appears in the media accompanying a new story about alcohol, researchers take to Twitter with the hashtag benchgirl as it … Continue reading It’s Different for Girls

Alcohol Awareness Week

This year’s Alcohol Awareness Week runs from 16th to 22nd November.       Local authorities and other organisations, from pharmacies to treatment service providers, get involved to raise awareness of alcohol issues and the impact it can have on our health and communities. Look out for local activities in your area. The theme of … Continue reading Alcohol Awareness Week

Post traumatic growth

This post was triggered by a superb TED talk given by Jane McGonigal that has been watched over 5 million times that Tim Ferriss recommended and it is so good!         Here’s the synposis: When game designer Jane McGonigal found herself bedridden and suicidal following a severe concussion, she had a fascinating … Continue reading Post traumatic growth

I used to drink too much. We Brits have an alcohol problem ….

This ‘comment is free’ video appeared in The Guardian in July and garnered quite a lot of interest if the 600 and counting comments is anything to go by!  It would seem that the topic of whether we have an alcohol problem here in the UK garners a fair amount of heat! Not a good … Continue reading I used to drink too much. We Brits have an alcohol problem ….