Female, mid 40’s, living in the UK.  Blogging for sober social accountability and also as a place for all my thoughts that have been kick-started back into action now that I am not either anaesthetised come evening time or grappling with a hangover come daytime.

Lucy is my MrsHOF blogging name 😉

Bio:  I am a public health nurse who wanted to offer an aid to help with reducing alcohol intake or quitting the booze.  My blog and resources are based on my own experience and from all the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired as a general nurse with alcoholic liver disease experience, psychology graduate, research assistant to Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Samaritan volunteer and postgraduate diploma specialist community public health nurse.  I also volunteered for 18 months in 2015-16 and then at the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017 worked in a consultancy role as clinical lead for a local drug and alcohol treatment centre.   Most importantly I am a person who was psychologically dependent on alcohol and who is now in the early years of recovery.

I have been academically published in the British Journal of Nursing in March 2013 and in the Community Practitioner in December 2014.  I have had an article about alcohol and public health published in The Guardian national newspaper in November 2013.  I guest blog and have written posts for Soberistas, Mumsnet, Club Soda, Veronica Valli, Sober is the New Black and a US-based rehab organisation.

10/11/2014 I created and published an e-book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hangover-Free-Life-sobering-solution-ebook/dp/B00PH1O51W but you can download it for free here on the blog 🙂

14/11/2014 I created and launched an online course on Udemy and if you use this link there is a discount code: https://www.udemy.com/ahangoverfreelife/?couponCode=HOFLIFESEPT2016

21/10/2015 Featured in After Party Magazine The 20 Best Recovery Blogs

19/12/2015 Featured on Ocean Recovery Top Recovery Blogs of 2015

07/09/2016 Featured in Port of Call’s 20 Best Addiction Recovery Blogs

11/09/2016 Featured in The Fix My Top 12 Recovery Blogs

27/09/2016 Awarded University of Cambridge Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Counselling)

01/12/2016 Quoted in The Guardian: ‘Dry bars offer redemption in the Christmas party season’

27/01/2017 Featured in Feedspot Top 100 Addiction Blogs

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Rowlinson, L. 2013. We are staggering blind past the danger of excess alcohol, The Guardian 13th November. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/nov/13/excess-alcohol-unit-guidelines-ban-advertising [last accessed 14th December 2014]

Rowlinson, L.  2014. Alcohol and sexual health in young people: the role of PSHE. Community Practitioner 87(12): 34-37.




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