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Week 6 of sugar free for Lent!

Bradley Cooper

Weds – well in the words of my Dutch friend feeling – this is NEW! 😉  Went shopping at Aldi and rather than urges for sugar and chocolate I had a craving for …… southern fried chicken.  What the hell is that about?  So that’s what I had for tea – a home cooked KFC.  Made more flapjacks – ate more flapjacks and powerballs.  Two weeks to go tomorrow – not that I’m counting it down or anything …… 😀

Thurs – I’m noticing that I’m not very good at feeding myself when it’s just me.  Breakfast and dinner with the kids and family no problem – but lunch I am TERRIBLE at eating properly.  I’ll snack – on savoury stuff currently, but I suspect it used to be sweet.  I have to REALLY make myself cook something for myself.  Is it laziness or do I think I’m not worth feeding …….  Ate more flapjacks and powerballs.  Have cut the flapjacks up smaller to make them last longer but then I just eat twice as many!!

Fri – no feeding myself proper lunch again!  Savoury snacking continues and found myself eating almost a whole large bag of prawn crackers with my AF beer prior to dinner this evening.  More flapjacks and powerballs – will there be one day of this whole Lent where I don’t eat them!? 😀

Sat – made new batch of powerballs as was feeling twitchy at the idea of having no way to indulge in some form of cocoa!  I know it’s a psychological thing but it doesn’t stop me feeling it anyway …. Flapjacks and powerball snacks galore but that’s okay it’s not processed sugar and so on I go.

Sun – had Club Soda social and 2 of us present were sugar free-ing it so made it easy to avoid sugar although am finding that it’s absence doesn’t bother me quite so much as long as I have an alternative available to have as a treat.  I was saying  that my taste buds are much more accustomed to savoury choices now, which was always my preference as a drinker – what with all that sugar in wine!  It’s weird how so many of us go from being savoury snack drinkers to sweet snack non-drinkers and then struggle to find an equilibrium.  I’ve learned a lot through this process.

Mon – volunteering day and flapjacks taken in with me as my sweet treat.  Watched that show ‘The Truth about Sugar’ on BBC1 and was happy to hear that fruit is not included in the recommended 6g of sugar a day that the WHO recommend.  Time to eat more fruit then! 😉

Tues – edited to add: oops sugar free has fallen off my radar sufficiently that I forgot to add how yesterday went.  I was busy during the day and didn’t feed myself lunch properly (again) so in the middle of a supermarket doing the shopping came over all hungry.  Headed straight for the bags of nuts and fruit without a further thought – progress!  Didn’t eat any flapjacks either – though I may have had a powerball but the amount is definitely decreasing ……

Maybe I’ll get comfortable and just about crack it in time to be able to go back to eating it – or will I go back to eating it? 🙂

Week 4 of sugar free for Lent!

Now this man can be my sugar daddy any day 😉

anthony hopkins

Weds – More baking today and getting brave!  Going off-piste with the next batch of flapjacks and granola!  More and different dried fruit used – apricots in flapjacks and raisins in granola (at kids request).  Getting through a LOT of honey!! 😉  As for what went in my mouth today, 2 flapjacks and 1 powerball! Err make that 2 powerballs as another one found it’s way in before bed ……


Thurs – Didn’t crack!  Spent day in well known chain of coffee shops where there was an array of sweet temptations on display.  Did have a cheese and ham toastie on contraband white bread but that was it plus snuck in home-made flapjacks to snarf 😉  Last night had a powerball or two as a reward.  Took forethought and planning but is possible.


Fri – amazing to watch my thinking today.  Emotional drama going on and feeling very ‘f*ck it’.  Daisy had this brilliant e-card on her blog that said ‘I’m too sober for this shit’ and yep that was me today! Did fantasize about falling into a vat of chocolate – held firm and the feeling passed.  Had the lovely avocado and poached egg on toast for lunch with a flapjack chaser and yes again at 5.30 another powerball found it’s way in.  I must get a sugar slump about then I reckon … and another powerball about 10pm.  Really struggling tonight – 17 days in and I’d like it to be over right now 🙁

Sat – it’s definitely a week-end thing that I get bent out of shape about feeling deprived.  Took the kids to the park as it was such a beautiful day and they wanted ice-creams so as we weren’t at home we duly obliged.  But we couldn’t have anything – and yes I did skulk round the shop looking for some dark chocolate that I could try to get past MrHOF as acceptable!!  Went home and had flapjack with cup of tea and feeling passed.  Powerball after dinner and later on though just wanted something to pick at – almost mindlessly.  It’s like it’s a way to switch off – just like booze used to be ……

Sun – didn’t think about sugar all day.  Had a flapjack after an early dinner and then went to a meeting where I successfully dodged the biscuits and cakes on the table in front of me.  Came home and had one powerball and then another one before bed!  Running low on flapjacks and powerballs and need to make some more quick!

Mon – volunteering day.  Like last week took flapjack in with me so wasn’t tempted.  Ate this and a couple of powerballs in the evening.  Felt like an uneventful day although I do find myself getting anxious when the last one is eaten and there is no more in the house.  A lot like I used to with booze – that fear of running out!

Tues – stressy day as me and the printer had a falling out on the day that I needed to print all of my Cambridge coursework ready to hand in on Thursday.  Arghhhh!  Had one flapjack in the house and cooking up some more has become priority number one for tomorrow.  Going out tonight for wedding anniversary and feeling wobbly and that a relapse is on the cards ….. or being more honest with you and myself, I’m looking for a reason to fall off the wagon as I’m feeling deprived!

PS Plus heads up about the Sounds True Self-Acceptance Project!  Tommy Rosen emailed out about this and I subscribed and it is REALLY good.  In their words:

In this FREE online video event series, Tami Simon speaks with several contemporary luminaries in the fields of spirituality, psychology, and creativity to explore insights and practices for living with a sense of your own fundamental worthiness. The entire series is yours to keep and enjoy.

I’ve listened to the first one with Dr Kristen Neff which is excellent and I am very excited about some later recordings when Tami interviews two people I really admire and respect – Brene Brown and Tara Brach.   Plus their website has lots of good courses relating to self-compassion and mindfulness including Eckhart Tolle.  It is a veritable treasure chest of goodies and the timing was perfect as the sugar free detox had awakened my inner critic!!

Go here if you’d like to subscribe: http://live.soundstrue.com/selfacceptance/


Week 3 of sugar free for Lent!

Gotta love me a bit of Samuel L Jackson and 20+ years sober to boot 😉

Samuel L Jackson

Weds – week 2 begins with a wobble.  Stressing about uni presentation on Thursday.  All the flapjacks are gone and I haven’t had time to bake any more today.  I have packed two up to take with me tomorrow but I’m seriously worried I’m going to fall off the sugar wagon.  The uni buttery is filled with chocolate temptation of the rocky road variety and I have form 🙁

Thurs – well I did it!  Survived the uni presentation day without cracking 🙂  I planned and took 2 Davina flapjacks with me (I know greedy!) and had one before the presentation and one after and it worked!!  Then while I was gone MrHOF kindly cooked up a batch of Davina chocolate brownie’s and I had one after dinner in the evening.  Really chuffed with myself 😀

Davina chocolate brownie

Friday – didn’t really think about chocolate or sweet things.  Went for a run and am now used to not having honey on my toast, had a chocolate brownie at 4pm as a late afternoon snack.  Went to a meeting in the evening and wasn’t tempted by the open biscuit barrel and on the way home bought myself a reduced price bouquet of roses and freesias (my favourite).  Maybe I can live without sugar after all?? 😉

Saturday – went swimming with the kids.  Had a brownie before I went and then one with a cup of tea when we got back and all was well.  Really hungry early evening so had handful of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  Very late dinner so evening cravings weren’t too bad.  Watching Better Call Saul on a Saturday night felt like I should have been having a sweet treat but the moment passed.  Still sucking Ricola sugar free Liquorice sweets that seem to help.

Sunday – Davina’s pitta pizza’s for lunch Yum!!

Pitta pizza

This afternoon made some Davina Granola and some Powerballs.  Had to taste test the batch (twice!) and they are absolutely amazing and I’ll share pictures next week 😉  Had Davina brownie and yoghurt for my dessert after dinner so all was well with the world 🙂 Although in the spirit of honesty I have to share that another powerball found it’s way in to my mouth later that evening ……

Monday – took Davina brownie into volunteering so that I wasn’t tempted off of the path.  Didn’t really think too much about sugar today.  Had my brownie after lunch.  Had a powerball when I got home and then found myself eating another one after dinner but that was it.  Oh and finished the Ricola sugar free sweets – well the liquorice ones anyway! 😉  Am really beginning to wonder how much of it was just habit?

Tuesday – didn’t give sugar much thought.  Ate my sugar free muesli, homemade fruit bread without honey, went food shopping and wasn’t salivating in the chocolate aisle.  Did have a powerball when I got back though and another one later on too.  Late afternoon/evenings are definitely the most difficult time – just like booze!

Into week 3 of sugar free living …..

PS If you’re trying to be mindful in your drinking like I’m being mindful of my sugar consumption then head over to Club Soda’s The Art of Mindful Drinking  On this five-week mindfulness course you will learn simple techniques to calm your mind and body the healthy way. You’ll also benefit from being part of a supportive group, who are all looking to change their drinking.  Click here for 20% off – you can book everything from a single drop-in session to try it out or a bundle to use throughout March.

Week 2 of sugar free for Lent!

Boy I am missing my ‘Friends’ sugar and sweetness in my life right now 😉

matthew perry

So I began to write daily notes of the experience and to compare and contrast it stopping with drinking.  Turns out for me it’s much the same it would seem!

Day1: Was looking for excuses to cave.  Went to Cash & Carry in day and spent ages deliberating over whether to buy a HUGE bar of 70% dark chocolate (told myself it was for cooking!).  Resisted.  On way home thought about taking kids to MaccyD’s – dressed up as a treat for them but just as much for me. Can’t have sugar – how about a shed load of processed food instead? Didn’t.  Started to feel itchy in my skin around 16.45 –  just like with booze.  Wasn’t hungry, it was almost like an emotional itch I felt the need to scratch.  Not sure why.  Ate 3 Davina digestive biscuits.  Same squirrelly  feeling appeared at 20.50 but think it was because kids were up late due to half term and we hadn’t eaten so was hungry.  Ate a sugar free mint before bed too?!


Day 2: No honey on my toast so had to resist the automatic reach into the cupboard for the jar! Random snacking on Davina’s digestives again today – one at 14.00, 17.00 and 22.30.  Don’t know if it’s because I was having sugar lows as finished up home-made white raisin bread post run and had late lunch of poached egg and white muffin.  Having substance relapse fantasies in the evening while trying to meditate as have booked tickets for SW4 event in August and this will be the first big gig with no booze or drugs.  Was this because of no sugar or would I have had them anyway?  Another sugar free mint eaten before bed – hangover from nicotine lozenge days I reckon.

Day 3: Had to really resist the Chinese New Year ready meal selection in Saino’s today and if my son hadn’t been with me and been reinforcing the rules I think I would have caved!!  Really tied in with idea of treating myself and felt very deprived when I walked away from the chiller.  Bought fresh baby vegetables to include in home-made thai green curry instead.  Very late lunch and 1 of Davina’s digestives went in my mouth again afterwards.  Baked a batch of her flapjacks and couldn’t help but lick the spoon! Really struggled early evening.  Grouchy and shouty with the kids, tried to do a balance meditation to restore some equanimity but failed miserably as feel so emotionally out of balance!  Gah am not enjoying this one bit 🙁

Day 4: Slightly easier day to day.  Only had 1 Davina digestive and 1 flapjack as after lunch and mid afternoon snack.  The flapjacks are very sweet and very filling so you wouldn’t want to eat too many of them in one sitting!  Didn’t struggle anywhere near as much as yesterday and wasn’t even looking for ways to cheat 🙂


Day 5: Easier again today as my taste-buds become accustomed to less sugar.  Big test of the day was the local village tea which is usually a smorgasbord of cakes and this month was no exception!  Had very late lunch of pitta pizzas and then a Davina flapjack before I went so that I didn’t feel deprived.  Hmm sounds like strategies learned from other substances ….. 😉

Day 6: Craving MaccyD’s again today but polished my halo and had California rolls instead!  Plus as was volunteering today planned ahead and took a Davina flapjack with me.  Again shades of other hangover free learned strategies coming through.  Had some potentially good news so was fidgety in the evening with anticipatory anxiety and wanted to mark the occasion with a treat and felt stumped as couldn’t go for my tried and tested chocolate 🙁

Day 7:  Easier today.  No cravings as such but did eat 1 Davina flapjack after a late lunch and another one after dinner at about 9pm.   Plus I’ve discovered Ricola Sugar Free Swiss Herbal Sweets that are sweetened with Stevia.  Am I allowed these? 😉  Overall I’m really pleased with how I’ve done on this first week.  Thursday will be the big test – nerves pre-presentation at uni and then post presentation relief/euphoria and no salve for those emotions ……

PS If any of you would like to join me to see Faithless and Fat Boy Slim at the SW4 festival over August Bank Holiday and keep me sober company that would be ace.  Tickets are still available I believe 🙂

Sugar detox for Lent time!

So today is Ash Wednesday and for those of the Christian faith that means the beginning of Lent, a traditional time of giving something up.  Well booze is obviously off the agenda 😉 and I’m pleased to say that since the beginning of 2015 I have succeeded in weaning myself off of the nicotine lozenges so am now nicotine free YIPEE!!  I’ve been drinking caffeine free for a good couple of years so that’s a no-go too.

So that only leaves one substance – SUGAR.  As you know sweet treats have been a massive way of rewarding myself since I started on this journey.  Although I am eating way less than I was in the early days I am aware that once again I’m not role-modelling great behaviour to my kids when I’m quietly snarfing chocolate every night and we ALL need to eat less sugar in this house.  It’s time for a sugar detox!!

So it is with great trepidation that I bought the new book of Davina McCall’s called Davina’s 5 Weeks to Sugar-Free which is described on Amazon as ‘yummy, easy recipes to help you kick sugar and feel amazing’ and if you’d like a copy you can get it here.  She has been criticised as she uses honey and maple syrup in her cooking/recipes but that seems eminently sensible to me because if I tried to deprive my 7 and 8 year old of all sugar there would be a mutiny!!  And I wouldn’t be too happy either as a resident sweet tooth 😀

Over the next 6 weeks I’ll write an update post once a week on a Wednesday to let you know how we’re getting on but I’m expecting it to be a bit bumpy and I’m going to have to find a new way to treat myself that doesn’t resort to reaching for the biscuit barrel!!

For today if I can’t  have sugar I’ll have make do with thoughts of a mutiny involving Johnny Depp 😉

johnny depp