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Need to borrow some strength today?

Well firstly Happy Christmas to you from me 🙂

Up early with the kids for presents and no hangover – that never gets old!

Today can be a really tough day for us alcohol free folks and I thought I’d share this with you in case it might help.  I’ve subscribed to Tim Ferriss for a good while after reading his book The 4 Hour Workweek (a girl can dream)  and he shared an email back in November of his 5 Most-Shared Posts of All Time.

On his list was this one:

Need to Borrow Some Strength Today? Watch This.

This is what Tim wrote to accompany this video

How do you face the challenges no one thinks you can?

Life can be overwhelming. Hope can be lost. Whether you’re facing a little self-doubt, an extended depression, or the darkest of thoughts, I suggest you watch the above video.  Damn, it’s powerful stuff.

Good luck, everyone, with whatever battles you’re fighting inside or outside of you.

You are not alone.

So if you’re struggling or wavering today think of Kyle, or me, or any of the many other sober folks you know out here and KNOW that you are not alone.  I promise if you go to bed sober tonight you will feel like you can take on the world 🙂

And this is our drink selection for today 🙂  Who says boozers get all the choice 😉


Also I’m playing booze points-make-prizes bingo today.  Care to join me?

The rules of the game:  Every time someone offers you an alcoholic drink you get awarded points for declining/dodging that you can then convert into a sober treat in lieu.  You could give the points a monetary value say £5 each time and you can add them all up and buy yourself something nice in the Boxing Day Sales tomorrow perhaps?  This is my anti-feeling deprived strategy which can trip me up still 😉 Be strong sober warriors – we got this 😀