Daily Archives: 07/11/2013

Who turned up the volume on my senses?

I don’t know about you but my senses seem to be on high alert since I stopped drinking.  Sounds seem really loud, light seem really bright, taste is flooding back, I can at times feel like my sense of touch is really sensitive and smells can be strong – I can smell out alcohol at 100 paces! 😉

When I first quit I read a really good book called ‘Last Orders: A Drinkers Guide to Sobriety’ by Andy McIntyre, which I really enjoyed and he wrote about a similar experience.  Don’t know why that is, although the nurse in me wonders whether it is because your nerve endings are no longer being bathed in ethanol which heightens everything.  Who knows but it can be pretty jarring and I find myself jumping at things quite alot!

No doubt it will settle down and is only a small temporary discomfort on day 47 🙂