Daily Archives: 15/01/2014

The moderating game part two

So how did I moderate?  Every which way and any which way. I tried:

Starting drinking later

Finishing drinking earlier

Not drinking at lunchtime

Not drinking on a school night

Having two days off a week

Drinking on alternate days

Not drinking for more than a month

Only drinking when I had something to celebrate

Counting units as I drank

Only drinking a certain amount in one day and then stopping

Only drinking with food

Eating a carb heavy meal before

Alternating each drink with a soft drink or glass of water

Not drinking shots

Drinking spritzers rather than wine

Drinking shandy rather than beer

Using additional mixer to make a spirit drink very long

Starting with beer or cider before drinking wine and following the old adage: beer then wine – fine, wine then beer – oh dear

Drinking low alcohol drinks e.g a Radler

Drinking less when it was my turn to get up with the kids

Going to bed early

Only drinking spirits when I went out

Not mixing beer and wine

Putting my glass down between drinks

Putting the glass or bottle on the other side of the room

Not joining rounds

Not topping up my glass as I went – finishing it then refilling

Counting how many bottles or cans I was taking to the recycling a week

Sipping a drink – not gulping

Drinking but not drinking to get drunk

Drinking one drink per hour

Sitting down to drink not standing up (as apparently you drink more)

Starting with a soft drink

Not drinking because of boredom

Giving up smoking

Not mixing drinks

Taking only a little cash out so that I couldn’t buy much booze (and no card either)

Not getting a tab at the bar

I’m sure there are more things I tried over the almost 10 years and I’m sure there are others you could add too.  We can all be very inventive when playing the moderating game and in our efforts to keep drinking without stopping completely 😉