What kept me putting it off?

These were the thoughts that swirled round in my head and came out of wolfie’s mouth when I contemplated stopping:

How will you ever relax?

How will you manage stress?

How will you celebrate?

How will you mark the transition from work day to evening/week-day to week-end/parenting to grown-up time?

How will you ever survive Xmas and New Year?

What about your birthday?

What would happen with my family (drinkers)?

What will happen with all of my friends (drinkers too)?

Won’t you become really boring?

Won’t you become really serious?

How will you talk to people you don’t know at a party/event without some ‘dutch courage’ on board?

What will people think of you?

Will people stop liking me?

Will people stop inviting you round/spending time with you?

How will you explain it to people?

Will they think you are an alcoholic?

What will I do with all of my time?

How will I escape/cut loose from life?

The final thought was:  You will die a slow and horribly dull existence with extra years of life because you don’t drink therefore it is better to live fast and die young 🙁

I thought I was unique in thinking these things until I found the sober blogging community!  I’m sure there are some that I have omitted so what would be on your list or what would you add to mine?

5 thoughts on “What kept me putting it off?

  1. I realized that over the last few years I really do nothing with my kids in the evenings because I am “off the clock” (aka busy chasing my buzz). Also, despite being a runner my blood pressure has climbed to the point of being scary. So, I quit on January 1, 2014 (not for the first time).

    1. Thanks for commenting. I was the same and congratulations on quitting! Your blood pressure should start to come down over the next few months as the liver becomes less taxed from processing booze 🙂

  2. I was nodding at this list saying “yup”, “uh-huh”, “hmm”…I have asked many of those questions myself. It’s the normal stuff that we all think is so unique to us but like you said, we all think. That’s the wonder of this community – online or face-to-face – we all are so similar it’s eerie, and we get to support one another. The ol’ “Oh yeah, I’m like that too” really takes the air out of any large “problem” we might have 🙂


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