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De-glamourising drinking

In my post yesterday I hope I didn’t look like I was glamourising some of the drinking antics of my  younger years.  The drinking dentist’s chair was banned in 2010 and just to underscore why, one of the national newspapers ran a story last year of a man dying on his stag do in Spain after some time in the ‘chair’.

Now I don’t want to come over all ‘outraged from Orsett’ but a programme that’s currently running on C4 here had my toes curling last week (and for a nurse that’s saying something!).  It’s called ‘What Happens in Sunny Beach’ and follows the antics of the holiday reps in the resort of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.  This was once an upmarket playground for the Eastern bloc elite, but is now the new destination for British teenagers looking to get their fix of hedonistic fun. The first episode takes a look at the secret world of the pleasure-seeking young Brits working in Sunny Beach for the summer.  The film  shows a birthday celebration going horribly wrong when one very p*ssed holiday rep decides that lighting a firecracker in his arse would be a good idea.  8 stitches later he still went back to the bar to finish the number of shots that had been lined up for him – one for each year of his age.

What really bothered me about this programme was that much of the payment of the holiday reps was done with booze.  So they would be given three buckets of booze a day that they could drink while recruiting people to the bars and clubs on the street.  They had this concoction that they called ‘fish’ that was neat vodka mixed with fisherman’s friends so that they could drink and their breath remained fresh!  They showed the bar staff making it up in the mornings and their hands were shaking badly, which they themselves commented on as being down to ‘too much alcohol’.  Most of these 18-28 year old’s if they didn’t arrive with an alcohol problem certainly left with one.

Here’s a clip of fish being made:


They seemed completely oblivious to the damage that they were doing to themselves and that the hand shaking was a symptom of the DT’s.  I found it all really sad and quite depressing and if you’re going to watch the whole show be warned as it is very graphic and I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor a couple of times!

Edited to add: the C4 link takes you to the full programme and if you want to see the clip of fish being made, go to ‘clips and extras’ and the clip is called ‘Don’t screw the crew’ and lasts just under 1 minute