Daily Archives: 30/01/2014

Sober treats

Sober treats are a corner-stone of Belle‘s approach to getting the better of wolfie.  Initially when I joined Team 100 and she asked me to do some homework to identify treats I did it but didn’t really understand why.  They didn’t have to have a high monetary value, just a couple of quid, and were my reward to myself for not drinking.  She had explained why but I didn’t get it.  I very quickly experienced why and this was some of the best advice I was given to help keep me on the sober path.

Even now whenever I have to do something that I think is going to be hard for me or a sober ‘first’ I make sure I have a sober treat lined up afterwards.  If I don’t, and I experienced this at Christmas because I had forgotten and Belle had to remind me, I get this emotional hangover and feel all sh*tty and deprived and that makes me think about picking up a drink.  When in your drinking life your reward was wine you need to reward yourself in your non-drinking life for not rewarding  yourself with wine (if that make’s sense?!)

So sober treats can be anything, and should be personal to you.  For me my homework list said:

A magazine
Bubble bath

As the days of not drinking have added up I have become a bit more extravagant in my treats.  So after Xmas I hit the sales and bought some clothes from a favourite shop and I have had things like massages too.  When I used to spend £400 a month on booze that leave’s a lot of readies to treat yourself with!  I have also tried to link my treats to my journey and have been using the time and my re-awakened creative skills to make things too, such as this.

What treats do you use that I could adopt? 😉