Cutting loose

It’s my 5 month sober-versary today! 🙂

I’m going to celebrate with this tune:

The reason I love both this song and this video is because it reminds me of how life used to be for me before booze.  Soul Train started to air in 1971 and is a big part of my memory of my youth.  Maybe I have a nostalgic naive view of this programme but they appear to be having a fantastic time just grooving to the music and in the most amazing 70’s threads! 😉 No booze.

This song also reminds me of a bitching session I had to Belle back in the earlier days of this journey.  Me whining about how will I ever cut loose again? cue face palm from me.  I got so caught up in the ‘no booze = no fun’ belief that I completely overlooked how joyous life could be with out it, which is what Belle kindly reminded me about (thanks again Belle) during my temper tantrum hissy fit pity party.

Five months in there are loads of ways I lose myself;  in dance, in music, in a good film, in a good book, in a run, in nature, in time with my kids, luxurating in the bath.  The world didn’t stop turning when I stopped drinking.  Fun didn’t get less fun.  It got clearer, sharper, more memorable – because I actually remember it all 🙂

What things do you cut loose with/too that I should consider trying?

19 thoughts on “Cutting loose

    1. Thanks MTM 🙂 Beats the epic fail that was me pouring a bottle of wine or two down my neck a lot of the time 😉 xx

  1. Congratulations. 5 months is a fantastic achievement. I’m still struggling a bit with the fun without the booze. I think all that we can do is try anything and everything that comes along. I’m doing a lot of what you’re already doing. Plus, I’m having a go at photography and creative writing and I’m half way through a history degree which require a lot of sober time. But, still it the evenings out and weekend evenings that I can’t get my head around.

    1. Thanks! Photography – the next step for me too. Have been admiring from afar Belle’s art project results 🙂 Do you not consider your blogging a kind of creative writing? A degree with the OU requires HUGE amounts of sober time!!! xx

      1. I should put more effort into my blog, but I don’t. I just type it and send it off, mostly without even checking it. I’m wondering whether to do Creative Writing as my next module, so I might start posting some Creative Writing stuff then. My degree is mainly history, so I’d like to combine the creative writing with that.

    1. Thanks FFF 🙂 A cheerleading parade in my honour? Aw shucks! I’ll be there with the pom poms for you too 😉 xx

  2. As my main man Stevie Wonder says: “Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” Makes ya feel good 🙂 Great post and congrats!!!

    1. Thanks Paul – the loons in the video are almost as good as the pairs worn by the boys in your last post 😉 xx

  3. fantastic 5 months, well done!!!

    Great question re cutting loose. For me I think there’s a difference between losing myself and cutting loose. Completely agree on your activities where we can lose ourselves by switching off, becoming absorbed in something else. The only things I could think of adding to your list was attending a live performance or sporting event (which is just another version of film/music really). Cutting loose as in letting rip, throwing caution to the winds, is another matter. I used to use booze for that a lot. The fuck it all moments. For those moments now I think what best hits the spot is a bit of book/fabric buying online. Then at least I have something to show for it a couple of days later!

    Off to find my nylon bell-bottoms now…. 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks Primrose and yep a live gig or match does it for me too. It is true that it is harder to find the perfect way of escaping in a ‘fuck it all’ moment but I guess the longer we don’t drink the greater is the opportunity to find it! Digging the flares 😉 x

  4. Congrats on 5 months, Lucy! Dance dance dance!!! I really like how you talk about the different ways of “losing yourself,” all of which are really getting outside being locked into the small self and being engaged with the world. It’s inspiring. And thanks for the fun video! xo

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