Daily Archives: 04/03/2014

Mother’s little helper …

This article was featured in a UK Sunday newspaper this week-end and it is really very good.  The title of this blog post is taken from the article which you can find here.  It is written by a member of the Soberistas community and spoke to me completely as to why I stopped drinking and why I’m out here in the sober blogging community.

My favourite bit is this:

Instead of finding ourselves among a bunch of losers with an incurable disease – the stereotype, however unfairly, of the “recovering alcoholic” – we’ve discovered a community of funny, clever, like-minded people with full lives and bright futures. And it’s wonderful when someone reaches that eureka moment, realising that being alcohol-free is not something to be afraid of – it’s something to enjoy.

That, of course, is the great thing about an online support group. People too ashamed to seek professional help in the real world can tackle their problems in this virtual realm, welcomed by others who understand and will offer support from their own experiences.

I am a member of Soberistas and agree with everything written by Kate Baily.  Lucy Rocca has provided an oasis of sobriety in a booze-soaked world.  There is also this thriving sober community outside of Soberistas of hundreds of smart sassy people sharing their journeys from alcohol-fueled regret to sober confidence.

This week-end I also watched the film The Anonymous People and the message regarding the value of these kinds of communities, whether virtual or real, was palpable. These sober communities gave me somewhere to go and be heard and to hear and support others in their journeys.  As was often said in the film ‘helping other people stay sober helps me stay sober’ and that is both a powerful motivator and a positive force for good.