Daily Archives: 19/03/2014

Take it easy


This is an advert I remember really clearly from my youth in the 1980’s and 1990’s and for me is the antithesis of stress.  I love me a Cadbury’s Caramello as a pudding treat and desserts = stressed backwards!

Stress is something that we all live with on a daily basis.  Balancing home and work, meeting the demands of our partners and children, prioritising all the competing demands we have on our time and attention.  Life can feel stressful much of the time if I’m not careful!

Mind discuss how situations which are recognised to be very stressful are associated with change and with lack of control over what is happening.  This makes giving up drinking potentially stressful as it is a change but one you do have control over*.  But if this is a long overdue change you are motivated to make that can make it a positive stress!

Tips for coping with stress include:

  • Finding out what triggers you stress so you can then think about what you can stop doing or change to be able to manage the triggers better.
  • Sort out your worries dividing them into those that you can do something about (either now or soon) and those that you can’t.
  • Being organised by make a list of jobs, tackling one task at a time and alternating dull tasks with interesting ones.
  • Take control of what is stressing you by getting started by doing one task you feel you can manage.
  • Taking regular breaks when you feel things are getting on top of you – get a hot drink or a glass of water or take a short stroll.
  • Listing your achievements so that when you have done something you feel proud of, write it down. Remember to include the everyday tasks, like shopping, or preparing a meal. When you feel stressed, read the list to give yourself a boost.
  • Be active as physical activity can help you feel calmer, stronger, and better able to deal with emotional stresses. Try something you enjoy e.g. walking the dog, dancing, playing a sport or gardening.
  • Getting a different perspective by discussing your problems with someone else can help you get ideas about new ways of dealing with your problem or stress. Sharing your thoughts can also help you feel calmer and listened to.

I found stopping drinking initially stressful as it had become such an ingrained habit and it’s absence was acutely felt.  However as time has gone on and the stretch of non-drinking days has got longer now I don’t miss it at all and I wonder how I ever managed to juggle my life when I was permanently hung over.  Now that is stressful! 😉

  • If you feel that you are not in control of your drinking and are unable to stop through choice then I suggest you seek medical advice as you may need additional medical support to stop drinking.